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  1. plowin
    plowin Old Mud
    That’s not good. Take things slow and put it all in perspective. It’s funny how something like this changes the way you look at stuff!
    1. Old Mud
      Old Mud
      Yeah i hear you. The main thing i don't like right now is the good chance i won't get to go out solo. All the docs. say the same thing. "Not a good idea to be offshore a couple of days at a time by yourself". I so love that time to be alone. Guess i'll come up with a plan B. :)
      Feb 23, 2018 at 5:02 PM
  2. plowin
    plowin Old Mud
    Saw that you were in the hospital. Hope that it is/was nothing serious and that you are doing well now.
    1. Old Mud
      Old Mud
      Hi yes everything going better now thanks. and yes i had a Heart attack and a 5 way by pass after they brought me back. Quite a trip i would not want to go through again. Still have a monitor on to check my A Fib, something not to comfortable to sleep with. Anyway im on the mend with a few months of Cardio rehab i should be ok.

      Feb 21, 2018 at 4:46 PM
  3. skinny vinyl
    skinny vinyl fvOwensRose
    Just wondering what you payed for the 33 crowley iam interested in the final four i fell there alittle high on there price
    1. fvOwensRose
      the final four is priced at what mine survayed for
      Feb 19, 2018 at 5:24 AM
  4. south shore
    south shore blighdog
    Blighdog looking at a26 fortier would like to ask you some questions about them. i am local bayshore resident work out of NJ thats where my cell # is from, if yoy have the time could you give me a call
    Thanks Nick 732-310-9693
  5. Crazy Ivan
    Crazy Ivan steveinak
    Steve just curious if you sold your h and h yet? I’ve been trying to sell my 26 Duffy off and on for 2 years with no final takers yet.
  6. shorejob
    Hampton Bays, N Y
  7. wiseguy
    wiseguy RESTLESSKID
    Hi how are you ? I was wondering if you can help me out. is the 36ft harris the same as a 36 harris cuttyhunk? There is one for sale, a project on this forum, seems like a lot of work but maybe worth it?
    Could you also help me out with info on the 38 harris? considering the blue moon. How is she in head sea and on the drift ? any info will help
  8. William Keefe
    William Keefe
  9. Salt Air 1
    Salt Air 1 joe4852
    Thanks for the insight on the boat. I’m looking at bhm close to home now, but not sure if it’ll pan out. Could you give me a call when’s convenient for you over the next week or so, I’d like to ask you a few things about the JC. Seems you know your old boat like it should be known. Thanks
    Stewart Merritt 252-725-1725
  10. TAftw
    TAftw jaybyrd83ecu
    Could you text me info about the Cummins engines? My number is 413-454-5113. Thank you!
  11. Massbaytuna3
    Massbaytuna3 ROD HOLDER GUY
    Sent you an email a few weeks ago Joe. Looking for replacement inserts for LDs and wanted to know if you want to stock holders in our shop. Thanks. Bryan
  12. Magnarae
    Magnarae Downrigga
    Downrigga, I have a friend that is very interested in this boat. He is local. Could you possibly get his cell number to Ron? His name is Jack (516)639-7376.

    Thank you
  13. Rick L
    Rick L RIROB
    Contact phone? Interested in boat-contact me at 201-259-5335
  14. Brucew
    Brucew RIROB
    For sale? Pics?
  15. dire straits
    dire straits GVD
    We spoke a few weeks ago about your 21' Pompano you have for sale. Have you found out from the marina where the boat is at if it would feasible to access the boat?
    I'm very interested in the boat so please call me back.

    (774) 836-3708
  16. PirateDave
    PirateDave RAMPAGE88
    Hey Rick,

    The hull truth has a guy restoring a Midland 1976 on page two. Lots of pictures and details I thought you might find interesting. Say hi to Deborah for me.

  17. wiseguy
    wiseguy F/V First Team
  18. bob basche
    bob basche
    Looking at a 1979 Nauset 27 w a Crusader 454. Nice condition . priced 15K Heard they were very rolly. but wont be drift fishing
    1. Marine Surveyor
      Marine Surveyor

      I have a Nauset-25; great in all sea conditions especially two years ago out of Boston Harbor to Gloucester in 5-6' chop.
      Jan 27, 2018
  19. Drifter
    Drifter Towboat
    Hi towboat this is Gerry I tried to get in touch with you not sure if I'm sending this right. I have a 91 30 mdi I am doing a lot of work to including repower and would like to talk to you. Curious what you have for a gear. If you could message me hear or call me at 860 625 5457 it would be much appreciated
  20. B1414
    I’m in the area if I can check it out