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  1. Flfishermen
    New be working on taking twin screw gas 281 chris craft and converting it to single screw diesel yanmar 4lh ste 230 hp
  2. Fish220sr
    Fish220sr Ditchdigger
    hi dith-are you interested in a Webber's Cove 29'? I have one.
  3. Duxbury Shores
    Duxbury Shores
    FOR SALE: 1994 Eastern Lobster Style- NEW 2016 EFI Mercruiser 300 HP Engine. MINT CONDITION
  4. proskirichard
    proskirichard 35 Bruno
    do you have a contact# for the 35 bruno
  5. JPL
    JPL 05bill
    Hi Bill
    Jim Lewis here...i just bought an RP31. can you please share your engine stats w 370 Yanmar , that the engine im thinking about putting in mine...
  6. Old Mud
    Old Mud PatrickPresti
    Hi Patrick, i will take your plotter if you will ship it. I will also pay shipping. Thanks

    Don / Old Mud
  7. Lenny Baldassare
  8. Diesel Jerry
    Diesel Jerry powderpro
    Hey, My post on the troll speed thread was in no way meant to be patronizing. A buddy called me up and said it sounded like I was being a Dick. You are one of the few on here that know the numbers even more than myself and I work on boats 40+ hours a week.
    1. powderpro
      Jerry- no problem, I thought your comments were meant to be humorous, I have pretty thick skin when I get on this forum, take care, and thanks for message.
      Jun 22, 2017
  9. Cpt. Natedog
    Cpt. Natedog SPINE-A-LINER
    Hello, I'd like to give you a call and ask a few questions about the boat you have listed for sale. I'm currently at work and can't call, but if you give me your number I should be be home by Friday and could call sometime then. Thanks.

  10. 2dasea
    2dasea Numasahake
    Hi there. I am the current owner of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. She's going to be fishing out of Northern California. I understand you built the hull as a kit What else can you tell the proud new owner?
  11. JPL
    JPL F/V First Team
    yo Travis
    Can I put a 370 cumminin or yanmar in a 31 RP that has an 1 1/2 SS shaft?????
  12. JPL
    JPL capt.dan
    781-264-0104 thx
  13. JPL
    JPL capt.dan
    capt dan please give me a call about the 31 RP
  14. joseph gazzola
  15. moetuna
    moetuna Bill
    Hi Bill , I am looking for the same size , material prop that you posted about . Mine would be LH , 1 1/2 " bore. Didn't want to hijack your post if you were looking for the same .
    1. Bill
      No it's cool no responses yet
      Jun 7, 2017
  16. 35 Bruno
    35 Bruno Providerrrick
    this is Bruno 35 - can you please send me your email address? then I will be able to send you a few more pix of the boat. i'm having a hard time including them in the forum
  17. jsakovits
    jsakovits ripta13
    can you give me a call when you have a minute - 603-828-7080.

  18. Capt. Mike Ellis
    Capt. Mike Ellis El Mar
    Shawn G said you make a great bird. I need one like you made for him. Can you give me a call at 504 715 6597.
  19. dog
    looking for some info on a legnos 35 how do they handle
  20. Diesel Jerry
    Diesel Jerry WoundUpMarine
    Thanks for the referral John!
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