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  1. sleeper
    sleeper marktore
    hows it going mark? u back looking for a downeast ,hope all is welll john
    1. marktore
      Yes, I am. I should have my head examined. Looking at a nice 26' Fortier, the whole thing is up in the air at the moment. My phone is broken and I am waiting on a replacement, I will give you a ring...
      Oct 18, 2017 at 9:48 PM
    Love this hull, wish it was full house with bridge though
  3. Holmes
    Holmes tunafishhkg
    Hi tuna I saw that you installed the b54 dff3dtransducer in the keel. Did you install without the block? How did that work out? How is it working for you? I am considerig to install one in my keel of a Mussel ridge but was looking for some feedback
    Thanks, Tim
  4. SemperFishBoston
    SemperFishBoston Last Sight
    I'm interested in the ap35. How much you looking to get?
  5. Dr Rosemary
    Dr Rosemary
    New to DE, but old to everything else
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  6. fortier256
  7. fortier256
    100 Ton inland
  8. Thomas
    See Legacy 34 Downeast Cruiser for sale in Classifieds.
  9. Thomas
    Cruiser from FL Gulf coast and Morehead City, NC
  10. Dragup
    Dragup Bill
    Hi Bill I really enjoyed the work you posted,I recently purchased a 25 t Jason it has a wooden top which is in decent shape I know that flowers has Terry's mold but I was wondering if you ever come across one if you could let me know or any other ideas,thanks. Al
  11. ARC
    31' Eastern
  12. Rammyboy
    Please remove my date of birth
  13. TAftw
    TAftw Game fisherman
    I dont know how to PM you on here but I noticed you were in Hull. I work right there and was wondering if I could come over and take a look at the boat some time for ideas for mine
  14. Bill
  15. Bill
    Bill Last Sight
    What do you want for a user name
  16. Brainey
  17. Brainey
    Brainey the_Bartender
    Over $100K
    1. the_Bartender
      That is certainly what I would expect if not double that depending on the amenities. It would be a shame and a travesty to buy your boat just to gut it and hope to sell off the parts. Which I would not be able to bring myself to do! Thanks for your time and best of luck.
      Sep 13, 2017
  18. Brainey
    Brainey the_Bartender
    She's a 1989, solid glass hull, re-powered in 2011 with a factory recon Cummins 6CTA and new gear. 300 hours on both currently. Set up for hook and line fishing and cruising, old but good electronics, sips fuel. If you want complete specs and photos email me at and I'll reply. Thanks.
    1. the_Bartender
      I can probably save both of us a lot of time if you would let me have an idea of how much you will be asking for her. I am looking for a boat to set up for commercial fishing. This means basically a bare bones hull and engine. From the picture in your profile you will be selling a Yacht.
      Sep 13, 2017
  19. the_Bartender
    Please let me know the particulars about your boat, engine, gear ratio, amenities and most important, the Price!
  20. the_Bartender
    the_Bartender Brainey
    I would be interested but from your picture your boat appears to be a "yacht" as opposed to a commercial fishing boat, which is what I am seeking.