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  1. AlexRI
    AlexRI Dr Dude
    Hey Dr Dude, Did you sell a F26 named "Gaffer" to a guy in North Carolina? Its listed up on Craigslist for $45.9k and was up last year as well. I corresponded with the seller and he mentioned he purchased it out of Michigan. Trying to connect the dots. I'm quite interested in it but want to see if I could get it down around $40k. Let me know if you know this boat. Thanks.
  2. Kodiakan
    Jeff, call me at 907-942-5301 if u want info on that Duffy
  3. Kodiakan
    I gave him my number for you. Give me a call a little later. I’m taking a drive with the Mrs now
  4. jescola
    jescola Kodiakan
    Hi, My broker, Mike Mcvay, mentioned you may have some info/thoughts on the Duffy 35 in Sitka.I'm having it surveyed and trying to figure out how much a project I'm willing to undertake. If you do have any info, I'm interested in hearing more.
  5. Ohfishalee
    Ohfishalee LadyMaureen
    Hi. Does Neal have an Email? I'm interested in his Cummins. 13 Oct 18
    1. LadyMaureen
      Not sure. Just call him please. 609-276-5059. Good luck
      Oct 13, 2018
  6. StowIt
    Dyer 29- Bass Boat - 1974 w/ 260 Yanmar
  7. StowIt
    Retired merchant officer - engineer and mate; real estate developer, self storage owner/operator/developer
  8. james
    A pirates life for me
  9. Double G
    Double G BunkerMan
    I'm looking for a gillnet reel something about 4' wide
    I know you used to do a lot of bunker fishing. Any help would be appreciated
  10. OLD BONE
    OLD BONE tro7278
    hi tim, i bought the perkins from you in march. do you still have the shaft coupler?i could really use it. i lost your number, mine is 207 479 6872
  11. Vincent
    For Sale 28ft Downeaster Cummins Diesel
  12. Capt. Flint
    Capt. Flint
    Waiting for the Alabama & Auburn college football games to come on tv
  13. philgraham
    philgraham Chasin Tail
    Chasintailgive me a callabout boat Phil 508277 7090
  14. 05bill
    05bill South Shore Boatworks
    Hi Bob, hope all is well with you. Please take a look at that 38 Young bros hull and motor on forum. What are your thoughts ? Does it make sense to rebuilt her into a cruiser ?
    If so lets discuss.


    1. South Shore Boatworks
      South Shore Boatworks
      If the hull is sound and the engine in runnable condition then it is a good start. If you can get a molded top then it makes sense . It would add value
      Sep 24, 2018
  15. CaptnScott
    Onward thru the fog
  16. following c
    following c Diesel Jerry
    Thanks for the info, I’m going to look into it. I will keep you posted
  17. following c
    following c Diesel Jerry
    What would you think for exhaust options? I really appreciate your time
    1. Diesel Jerry
      Diesel Jerry
      Well, in my dream boat it would go back at the transom, with the generator, propane tanks and wesbesto heater. It depends on the boat. I would want to see the lay out.
      Sep 12, 2018
    2. Diesel Jerry
      Diesel Jerry
      Sorry, to answer your question better. You can run the exhaust out the top of the cabin and be safe (my boss and I just had a discussion about this). Running it out thru the hull would be better, in my opinion.
      Sep 12, 2018
  18. following c
    following c Diesel Jerry
    Hey Jerry, I saw something on that flowers thread that sparked my interest. Have you ever put a tankless on demand water heater in a boat? I have a propane stove so I already have a tank and I would love to do that..
    Thanks in advance
    1. Diesel Jerry
      Diesel Jerry
      I haven’t. I have seen them used. ABYC fails to acknowledge them so we can’t install them. I haven’t looked into them recently but if I were building a boat that is the direction I would go. I don’t want or need a big 120VAC system.
      Sep 12, 2018
    2. Diesel Jerry
  19. Peter Kelvin
    Peter Kelvin RandyTank
    Good morning, my wife and I are looking at a Legacy 28, but don't have any experience with that boat. Another member said he thought you had one, is there anything you can tell us about it: seakeeping, noise levels, fuel consumption, dry/wet. etc?
    Hope we are not bothering you, and thanks for anything you can share.
  20. Anna
    Anna ErikT
    Have you located a 952X cartridge for Montauk area, yet? Our new to us (2002) Crosby Pleasure Tug 26 has that cartridge, but we need one that would include the Syracuse/Erie Canal waterways. I have not had any luck locating that one, but would be happy to send you the Montauk cartridge.
    1. ErikT
      No luck.... therefore I sold the unit. Good luck with your search
      Sep 11, 2018