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  1. NSfishing
    yup, love the west systems. stuff is bullet proof. had to shrink wrap my steiger and put it outside to get a few customers projects done in the next few weeks, but hopefully gonna get back into it...
  2. CapeCodNorton
    I did west systems 5:1 with west systems 404 thickener/bonding filler. Made up the peanut butter mixture and trowled it on.
  3. NSfishing
    yea that was my assumption. I have minimal arc probably 2" at most but assumed it would be a tough form for 1.5" sheet. did you use west systems or a different epoxy?
  4. CapeCodNorton
    I did two layers of 3/4” because I had to make up 5.5” of arc. The flexibility exponentially decreases with each thickness increase. 1” thick is nearly inflexible so I’d imagine 1.5” is rock...
  5. NSfishing
    did you use a 1.5" sheet for transom? how well will it contour to a transom that has a slight bend in it?

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