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  1. FortyEightSeven
    Thanks Bill. I'll look into those.
  2. 05bill
    Morning, maybe they are not as electronic as I had indicated, they are heat related and thus thermal, Borel raw water alarm, pyrometer and you might want to consider a boost gauge, but I do not...
  3. FortyEightSeven
    Hi Bill. That's a beautiful boat. I have a Duffy 31 out in the Pacific Northwest. It's got a 370hp Yanmar as well. In an earlier post you mentioned having "many electronic monitoring devices to...
  4. 05bill
    Morning Chaplain, let me know what you find. What is your price range ? Regards, Bill
  5. Sea Chaplain
    @05bill Hi Bill! Thanks for the great info! I think something like the 29' H&H Osmond Beal would work for me, if it had a smaller cockpit than many ... and a longer cabin. I'm going to use it for...

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