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  1. ArchHibb
    Isn't your Wesmac a hard chine hull? If so, where are these lifting rails in relation to the chine; above it?
  2. OLD BAY
    Here is my email: ..Look forward to touching base. I’d love to have look at your boat.
  3. Downeast Deadrise
    The debris on the bay is unreal. I tagged a log as well. The water is too nasty to swim in so I am going to wait a week until it clears before I jump over and inspect the wheel. It’s as if...
  4. OLD BAY
    That is a gorgeous Duffy. That house is awesome looking. Was she in Galesville previously? I’ve got a Cummins 330B, and she does 24.5kts in the corner. I cruise ar 20kts. Right after we went...
  5. Downeast Deadrise
    Thanks Old Bay! I put her in the corner right after you took this shot and I was doing 20 Kts. You took off like I was standing still! I look forward to seeing what's under your hood.

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