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  1. Quintet
    I just noticed you were from Freeport. Are you on a mooring in the harbor? Our nephew has a sailboat on a town mooring after waiting for years and we go to see him and sail with him . May be...
  2. Quintet
    So happy to meet another Rosborough owner. We went to buy a 246 in upper New York near Alexandria Bay and loved the whole concept. However we needed a lighter boat that we could trailer with our...
  3. FortyEightSeven
    Thanks Bill. I'll look into those.
  4. 05bill
    Morning, maybe they are not as electronic as I had indicated, they are heat related and thus thermal, Borel raw water alarm, pyrometer and you might want to consider a boost gauge, but I do not...
  5. FortyEightSeven
    Hi Bill. That's a beautiful boat. I have a Duffy 31 out in the Pacific Northwest. It's got a 370hp Yanmar as well. In an earlier post you mentioned having "many electronic monitoring devices to...

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