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Aug 30, 2011
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Administrator, from Crow Point, Ma

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    1. Justin Baits
      Justin Baits
      Hi Bill, I noticed you are out of Crow Point.
      Are you currently lobster fishing?
    2. Diesel Jerry
      Diesel Jerry
      Hi Bill, Would you mind deleting my thread “Thats’s the way to sell boat, Poop on the builders” in the Cove section. It had zero value on this forum. I posted it in haste with a knee jerk reaction (jerk being the operative word). I apologize for posting that trash.
    3. RCLS2016
      Bill i was wondering if you would contact me about a 25 Terry Jason. I have some questions. by phone or email or on here,, 732-904-2465. Thank you in advance
    4. BillD
      Bill D here.
      I was in Merrimar today buying some sea hawk paint.
      Chatting with Billy he said you "moved" to Newburyport and your boat is in the Merrimack ?
      What Marina ?? I'm at Cove on Salisbury side.
      Bill D
    5. Dragup
      Hi Bill I really enjoyed the work you posted,I recently purchased a 25 t Jason it has a wooden top which is in decent shape I know that flowers has Terry's mold but I was wondering if you ever come across one if you could let me know or any other ideas,thanks. Al
    6. Dave Wynn
      Dave Wynn
      Hey Bill hope things are good !!! but can you call me at some point have an issue with the site. Thanks Dave 201-390-7329
    7. Ryan75
      Hi bill. i feel like I'm getting bad water to my prop on the repco and I'm wondering if you have had any of the same issues? I can't trim up much at all without cavitation/ventilation and when running with a following sea it'll cavitate. Engine height is low if anything. Happens at any speed, tried different props. Any ideas? Thanks ryan
    8. moetuna
      Hi Bill , I am looking for the same size , material prop that you posted about . Mine would be LH , 1 1/2 " bore. Didn't want to hijack your post if you were looking for the same .
      1. Bill
        No it's cool no responses yet
        Jun 7, 2017
    9. Blitzen
      Hey Bill the survival suits are in Rhode Island. I know the owner.
      1. Bill
        Ok prob wont drive down there got my hands full.. thanks John
        Feb 26, 2017
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    10. dhickey
      Hey do you still have that Repco for sale?
      1. dasabalon likes this.
    11. Old Mud
      Old Mud
      Ok Bill, i found it in North Weymouth. I'll be thereat 09:00 Saturday.
    12. Luke@MackBoring
      Hi Bill,

      Is there a way to Embed Youtube videos into the thread similar to how you did in the thread on how to post pictures? When I preview the post using the Embeded link youtube provides, it will not show the video. Please let me know. Thank you.
      1. Ludog likes this.
    13. oldshell55
      hi bill, just a thought on these spam issues, the latest for prescription drugs , today may 1, maybe a sponsor member to sign up as a new member. it hasn't been that much of an issue, but it could get out of hand quickly and possibly cause security issues!
    14. Diesel Jerry
      Diesel Jerry
      Sorry I missed you at the boat show. Jeff said you guys had a laugh at my expense, good to know I can entertain even when I am not there. :)
      1. Bill likes this.
    15. mainely boats
      mainely boats
      Hi Bill, I tried to PM you a while back, sure wood like to talk with you when you get a chance, thanks, Kenny
    16. Pipewrench
      Hi Bill, I noticed that the downeast swag website is down. Is it still possible to order t-shirts online?
    17. YankeeFPT
      Hey Bill, The detective that is investigating this has told me to eliminate ALL online account. Please follow my wishes and delete my account. I will join again when everything clears up.
    18. YankeeFPT
      Hey Bill. My I.D has been compromised. They have my soc. sec number and everything. I have been told I need to eliminate all online accounts. Sorry about the inconvenience. feel free to call if you have any questions. My yankee email no longer exists.
    19. down deep sportfishing
      down deep sportfishing
      Hello Bill,

      Where did the "charter boat" listing section go?
    20. lindsey 28
      lindsey 28
      Hello Bill,I have been looking for a while for a thread on here where they showed pictures of a keel that they used a hole saw to get access to the inside of the keel.
      Do you know this thread?I have been searching for weeks.
      By the way,your message box is full.....
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