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Firefighter/Half Assed Fisherman

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Captain, from Newbury

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    1. plowin
      Just got your messages. I will give you a call as soon as I have a chance. MB
    2. Tunatown
      Hi mike Sean again I have some questions on the 33 flowers if you don't mind giving me a call 7817066187 thanks
    3. Tunatown
      Hi Mike I'm going up to ken shop the 30th to start planing the build of a 33 how's the 8.3 cummins working out for you are you happy with the power and fuel burn any problems yet my name is Sean thanks I fish out of Plymouth Ma
    4. breakaway
      Can you send me Ken's info? I am headed north on 10/17 to meet with Stewart and want to meet Ken on the way back probably on the 18th if possible. I have your home # but not your cell or would have called/texted. 978-815-0699
    5. CoastalWG
      Hey Mike, Ralph Towlen here, down in Shinnecock NY, still have the 33' ordered from Ken but decided to buy another 31' BHM to hold me over until it is ready. You might have see it on a site or two, the Arkansas one 1989 with 210 cummins. Just finishing up converting her into a dive charter boat, added a swim platform with dive ladder and cleaned her up a bit. Hope all is well with your 33' and would to chat about it sometime.
    6. fullhouse
      Hey mike, Tim smith here .I've been hearing nice things about you're new boat.good luck.are you bringing it to beacon to put on the mast and pulpit?
    7. captainlarry84
      Words come easy I know a diamond when I see one.
    8. CaptDave
      Mike, is the new build your boat at Ken's? If so congratulations it looks like it is coming along great. I do have one question if so, what is the thought behind having rails under the boat? Appreciate your time and thanks for sharing your ideas and opinions with us novices. Dave Waldrip
    9. joelucci33
      Hey mike are you going to be at bridge tomorrow? Have a vet appt. With the pooch in the am and was going to go for a drive...let me know ill grab ya a coffee!
    10. plowin
      Thats a ballsy running angle, nice and flat. I need to put some stuff on paper and send it to you. That way I can get a better idea of where I am numbers wise. How long is the work deck in this thread? It looks a little bit short, but then again I cannot see where thje winterback ends. Thanks, mike
    11. mainely boats
      mainely boats
      Hi Mike, check out the 33' I built without spray rails it's under Downeast Projects and Boat Building 33' Flower's build. It's a thread started by madchark
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