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    1. StowIt
      Good morning, let me know when and where your boat is in Sayville, I'd like to come down and take a look. I'm local so I can get together just about anytime.
      1. tunaorlater
        Sounds good. I should be running her home Thursday I believe.
        Dec 3, 2018
      2. StowIt
        ok, talk to you at the end of the week
        Dec 3, 2018
    2. dasabalon
      Tunaorlator, I noticed in your older posts that you are friends with Scott free. I’m interested in having a 35 T Jason built and I was wondering what engine he repowered with. I’m from Islip and I used to see his boat running out the inlet all the time, until he moved to Montauk. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
      Thanks Don
    3. Fish220sr
    4. tunaorlater
      I would use pvc if you can. Its alot easier and as long as theres no way for it to get crushed and broken theres no advantage to making your own.

      The bilge will have a pump in it correct? Then the plasic bomar hatches are good. The LD marine drainable hatches are very nice and definatly a more custom fit but expensive and you have to have enough deck above the water line so they can drain overboard.

      I think think they use chase pipes because its easy. I have done it both ways but when I use the pipe I always drill drain holes in the bottom all along them.

      You are doing a 20 right? Bracket or on the transome? The 23 we r doing now is coming out sweet. It has the big console with the door in front. We cut the tank in 2 and pushed one up and one down so now you can step into the console. There will be a head in it and you can store 6ft 6 rods in there
    5. tashmoo2
      Hi Tuna,

      Say you on line. What is your opinion on following for an 18 ft rebuild

      1. I eliminated the baid well between the console and transom. Would you make a hatch with drain rim or buy a stock plastic watertight hatch. I need access to the pumps and engine mounting bolts.

      2. There are 2 drains that exit stern through PVC Pipe with 90 deg elbows. I would like to replace with fiberglass pipe but cannot find small diameter that allows you to plug with the rubber twist plugs. Would you use PVC or make your own pipe?

      3. Why do they use chase pipes or tube to run wires from console to transomin instead of the square conduits that are part of the original stringer mold on borth sides of boat? How do they drain a conduit if water gets in it?

      thank you

    6. tunaorlater
      U like that!! LOL Hey we almost met and you didn't even know it. I was fishing with Ronnie up in Georges whan we came by your boat back in Oct. How did you make out up there? Ronnie got 2 more last week, I think he is either back or bringing it back this week.
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