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Jan 1, 2012
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Boothbay, Maine
1st Engineer, Seadrill Americas

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Captain, from Boothbay, Maine

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Nov 14, 2018 at 3:24 AM
    1. Diesel Jerry
      Diesel Jerry
      Thanks for the referral John!
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    2. Diesel Jerry
      Diesel Jerry
      Who is the company you use for oil samples?
    3. bails55
      selling your Crowley?
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    4. Ernie
      Do you like your holland 14 ? Is it stable enough for a 180 pound guy to stand up move around id like to get one to fish out of down here in ct thanks
    5. slingblade
      sent you a private message
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    6. Curmudgeon
      i wasn't commenting specifically to you about the 2 year or 1 issue, but to the guys who want to try not to put safety gear on. Looked at a 44 stanley in you harbor last fall. C/m on the Sulphur Enterprise in the gulf.
    7. skinny vinyl
      skinny vinyl
      yes iam talking about all out i looked at it when i stayed in boothbay found it for sale on swboats site think i might look for a 36 calvin beals but i love the 33 jim beals do u lobster?
    8. CaptDave

      What is your telephone number. Text me
      At 781-871-2113


    9. hydro~TECH
      I posted that craigslist ad. I was up in Maine all weekend selling and installing a few
      boosters. Performance Fuel Systems, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology RI & MA | Hydro-Tech, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, They work very well. Not one return in a year of sales.
    10. Wound Up
      Wound Up
      Hi. I am looking for a 28'-31' lobster boat for commercial chunking, trolling and pulling a few lobster traps in Bermuda. A slippery hull would be prefered as our fuel is outta control. Not sure if you are in the brokerage biz...? Regardless, I d love some help finding a boat in Maine or near by. Any help or references to brokers would be greatly appriciated. I m new to this forum, so not to familiar w messages etc.. My number is 441 737 9985. Again, any help, referrals , ideas would be appriciated. Thank you. James Robinson. email. Freshfish@northrock.bm. Wound Up Charter Fishing. Thx. J
    11. Dworks
      Ok boats wrapped up but I've been workin on her still so I'll take some more pics and try to post them thanks.
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    Boothbay, Maine
    1st Engineer, Seadrill Americas
    Boat Make:
    34 Libby, 14 Holland


    34' Libby w/ a 480 Cummins
    14' Holland w/ a 25 Yamaha