28ft Down east ?

Discussion in 'Found Boats For Sale' started by jerseysportfisher, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Tuna Hooker

    Tuna Hooker Member

    Holy spray rails batman:eek:
  2. MouseTrap

    MouseTrap Captain

    I know. Yes, Novi. Samson Boats.

    Salty looking rig!
  3. Duke

    Duke Senior Member

    Samson builds a great boat. Nova Scotia is certainly down east, (written as I sit in Port Hawkesbury, 500 miles east of Portland).
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  4. Bill_N

    Bill_N Captain

    There's a Samson 28 in the lot at Spicers in Noank. Looks like a rugged boat..
  5. Raider Ronnie

    Raider Ronnie Banned

    Wonder how that Ford 7.3 diesel goes in a boat.
    Was a GREAT motor in the Ford trucks (International motor)
    Nothing but problems with 6.0 & 6.4 that replaced it. The 6.7 seams to be a great engine so far and it's super quiet !

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