35 and 43ft Donell / Millennium marine

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    HUNTHARD Captain

    What do you guys think about Donell's. I have been on a few Magnas but never in rough weather or running far offshore for long periods of time. You see the pin wheel running everywhere but who knows what that means about the boat. Wondering what you guys think. How they drift,run, how they are on anchor, ect. Would love some feed back. Can they cruise efficiently 18 to 20 knots and burn 20 gallons or so an hour. Curious what you guys think you don't hear bunch about them on here.

    Thanks again guys.
  2. Badlatitude

    Badlatitude Captain

    Donelles are pretty good sleds Huntard. I wouldn't think twice about picking one up.

    HUNTHARD Captain

    Thanks, badlatitude. They look pretty solid. Curious how they handle rough water compared to a Duffy, beal or even a northern bay. Wondering if anyone has fished on them and what they cruise at? Seem like a good platform despite their looks....:)
  4. Badlatitude

    Badlatitude Captain

    Eh Id consider a duffy a sports car and a donelle a pickup truck
  5. Chucketzel

    Chucketzel Member

    I ran a 43 donelle. There well constructed but roll and snap. They will move faster but require quite a bit of power. The engine is near middle of boat so it is out in in weather. The large hatch it is under drips near engine. It rolled alot and it was real snappy. Totes would have to get tied down in any kind of fresh breeze. It was a not so great head sea boat and an awful following sea boat. Forget about going better than 10 knots in a following sea. You will likely do circles.

    HUNTHARD Captain

    Thanks chuck that doesn't sound good at all. Especially if I do allot of drift fishing.
  7. Chucketzel

    Chucketzel Member

    I dont know about millenium marine.
    I would asse the 35 donelle is a tough boat too. The pin wheel on wicked tuna seems to rock and roll when watching show.
  8. hotreels73

    hotreels73 Member

    Love the 35' donelle. been out in some pretty nasty stuff in them.
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  9. tuna_fan

    tuna_fan Senior Member

    I have heard good things about them...but never been on one. you dont see many used ones for sale in very good shape...usually small engines and high hour boats coming out of Canada. not sure of the beam - might be a little narrow? I used to think they were ugly...kinda like them now.

    HUNTHARD Captain

    you don't see many on long island either. cusrious who has been on them and what they think. so far reports from ppl that have ran them aren't good.
  11. scupper1

    scupper1 Senior Member

    Theres one out in Montauk, a 35 footer I think its at Gone Fishing.
  12. jnoon

    jnoon Senior Member

    I've spent a fair amount of time on my buddy's 45 Magna Marine, and overall It rides really nice. He has a Cat(6-700ish hp) its no speed demon though. He's a member here if you wanted to pick his brain Tmccar1.
  13. Montauk Rocket

    Montauk Rocket Senior Member

    The boat is the Nicole Marie (capt Jimmie George). He's out at Rick's crabby dock.

    HUNTHARD Captain

    thanks, Jnoon. i'll hit him up.
  15. snark

    snark Member

    Ran a 43 Donelle with my brother for 7 years which we bought new from Donelle. We had a full tower and extended wheelhouse and a QSM11 (635 rating I believe). The boat cruised 17-18 knots burning 19-20 GPH as I recall at 2000 RPMs. 22-23 knots at 2300 pinned. 9 knots burning 3-4 GPH.

    I can only remember a couple trips where we had to pull back from our standard cruise and never ran under 14 knots. It was a snappy boat on the drift (especially with the heavy tower) given the flat stern and relatively hardish chine.

    Biggest downside to me was it was a wet sled. The vertical stem throws spray all the time in all conditions. We added smartrails which helped but didn't cure.

    In terms of value, I can't find a used Northern Bay of any vintage or Duffy 35 within 12 years of new for what that boat cost new. Best (lack of) depreciation I have ever had on a boat.
  16. togminator

    togminator Member

    Hunthard. I run a charterboat in Rhode Island with 43 Donnell I had it for two season and I'm pretty impressed you're welcome to check out the boat any time

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