36 Northern Bay

Discussion in 'Downeast Projects and Boat Building' started by tunaorlater, Sep 13, 2011.

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  2. tashmoo2

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    Hi Tuna

    More than a few of us followed your rebuild. It was well documented and vey inspirational. What hulls would you consider refinishing if starting from new and what engine would you install. I think u like the 42 Lowell's and Duffy's. How about the 38 ft Lowel vs the 38 NB?

    4 years later and I am still trying to finish my 18 ft Seacraft.

    Best rgds

  3. tunaorlater

    tunaorlater Captain

    Very easy answer. 43 Lowell, 900hp D-12 Volvo. Dream boat would be a full walk around something like the tuna tangler but that takes building my own topsides and I don't think I have that in me.
  4. El Mar

    El Mar Captain

    Love your boat Tuna!! Real nice mix of family and fishing comforts, bridge adds to it too.

    Nice job!!!!
  5. tashmoo2

    tashmoo2 Senior Member

    I like their build down hulls. The bow looks like it is really high when they are running. Why the Lowell over the Duffy

    Are they still making the 43? I thought the mold was sold
  6. MDI45

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    tashmoo,they are still making the 43...check out the tori-kay on the lowell bro...web site...very nice looking boat .....Mike f/v Laura s.
  7. MDI45

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    Hey Mike,couldnt you buy the top sides and narrow them by spliting them down the middle....just saves alot of work...dont you think.....Mike f/v Laura s
  8. CEShawn

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    Wasn't able to sleep last night... Ha... this thread didn't help... Felt robbed in my quest for a NB36!

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