4 cyl. Isuzu Marine Diesel

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  1. BillD

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    Putting aside the cost/benefit argument/opinion for the moment of gas vs diesel repower in a small boat.......,

    If you were considering replacing a 5.7 V8 carb gasser with a reliable 4 or 5 cyl. marine diesel in the 200+hp range that could take 150-200 hours per year of "all round use", figure 60% average annual engine load????,

    6 cyl inline is too big for this boat.

    What engine/s would you consider?

    5 cyl. Volvo D3 220 hp? 2.4 liter
    4 cyl. Volvo D4 260 hp? 3.2 liter
    4 cyl. Isusu 200 hp? 4.39 liter

    I've done the research on the Volvos and the 180 hp Yanmar.
    I've done zero research on the Isusu's?


    Any thoughts?, experience??, opinions??

    Assume the repower boat has a V8 gasser spins 4800 WOT, puts out 270ish hp., has a 1.5:1 gear spininng a 16X18 three blade 1.25" shaft.

    Bill D
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  3. F/V First Team

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    Steyr MO306H43WJ 215 @ 4300 weighs 730.4 lbs
    Food for thought
  4. F/V First Team

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  5. BillD

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    How have the Steyrs held up??
    Any "real 1st hand" observations???
  6. F/V First Team

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    Chased two of them my first year of racing, finally caught up to and then passed them.

    A word of advice, do NOT hook up a propane system for an Isotta Fraschini V8 pumping out a lot more horse power than stock to a Steyr. When that 77 pound charge hits the system it WILL lock up. But even after that abuse it still went good. Pushed a 4,000 lb NB28 38 mph. Which upset the owner when an 8,000 lb NB28 passed it at 39! :p:rolleyes:
  7. Pedlyr

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    I have experience with Isuzu 4B gen sets back in the 90's and always liked them. Needed a new coolant pump or alternator every 2 years but they ran and ran. I think they are a cast block with no liners if I am not mistaken.

    Any thoughts on a 4045 JD? Too big? Good engine.

    Hey FT....aren't the Steyr's a "monoblock". No head?
  8. F/V First Team

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    Spare parts catalogs are great

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  9. BillD

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    JD's are a HUGE 4 cyl and weigh a ton!!!! LOL
  10. Pedlyr

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    Kinda figured that. What I did not mention before is that nothing on the planet is more expensive than Volvo parts.
  11. BillD

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    Agreed on the Volvo parts.
    The Volvos make a nice engine package!

    In the end, 5.7 MPI V8 gas power in a small boat makes the most sense.
    BUT, tuff to run gas engines once you run diesels.
  12. CEShawn

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    Anyone have the prize on the Isuzi?

    I thought there were some sales on the older Yanmar style...

    I am debating changing to an older factory rebuilt Cummins. I don't know. I just finally figured out a tick in my TAMD41PA, so hard to justify.

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