Cummings QSB 5.9/425hp

Discussion in 'Downeast Engine Room' started by FlyingConnie, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. FlyingConnie

    FlyingConnie Senior Member

    Looking for a rough estimate on the cost of a new Cummings QSB 5.9 intermittent duty (425hp) engine.
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  2. powderpro

    powderpro Captain

    With ZF 286a gear, manual shift, and sea trials the quote I received was approx. $45,000. The 500 hp 8.3 with ZF305a gear was $50,000. $5,000 more for a lot more displacement and 75 hp seems like a no-brainer to me. I personally think the 5.9 425 hp is too much money for the size and hp of the engine, although I think it's a superb package, just not worth $45,000. I got a quote on the new 9.0 liter John Deere 500 hp with ZF 305a gear and with sea trial it was going to be about $49,000, which is a great deal in my opinion.
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  3. jojobee

    jojobee Senior Member

    I dont have my ZF book with me here, but I think you may be able to use a ZF280 depending on reduction. This will probably save you 5k.
  4. powderpro

    powderpro Captain

    For pleasure use and not many hours a year, the ZF280 in like a 2:1 reduction would probably work fine for the 425hp 5.9. From my experience, the ZF280 is $1,900 less than the ZF286, so then my quote would have been $43,000 (with ZF280).

    You may be able to get a better quote on a Cummins 5.9 425hp than I did, and if you could get one for around $40,000, then it would be a fair deal for the hp and torque you are getting. I personally think it's a rip-off at $45,000, or $43,000 with the ZF280 trans (but that's just my opinion). The better deal is the Iveco 6.7 (same size and weight as the Cummins 5.9) in an A1 rating of 450 hp or A2 rating of 420 hp, and you can probably get one of those with trans and sea trial for around $37,000 - $38,000.
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  5. Hammer Slammer

    Hammer Slammer Senior Member

    Those prices are insane, in 05 I bought a dodge 3500 4x4 loaded with a cummins. I paid 35k for it and at the time I think the cummins was a $7000 dollar option. You can not tell me it costs that much to marinze that engine? I could never figure this out?
  6. powderpro

    powderpro Captain

    Agree 100%. I just bought a 2012 Dodge 3500 Dually Crew Cab 4x4 Cummins 6.7 HO diesel w/ 6-speed automatic for $42,000 out the door. The marine engine and transmission alone costs that much or more. To operate a marine diesel company is a lot of overhead and they have to recoup those costs by charging a TON of money for their engines. Boats are like airplanes, the customer base is small, the parts are specialty items, and in order to make a profit, these companies have to charge big bucks for their gear. It makes sense to me why these engines are so expensive, you can thank the EPA for a huge increase in engine costs over the last 10 years. In July 2008 I bought a new QSC 8.3 500hp with ZF 286 transmission for $40,000 with sea trial. That same exact package today is $50,000!!! That was only 3.5 years ago, it's the same exact engine.
  7. MDI45

    MDI45 Captain

    Talked about this today on the boat while fishing.....engine prices are out of hand....i think a c18 cat is almost a 100,000 with the gear....unreal
  8. Tower Todd

    Tower Todd Senior Member

    Can't speak to the marine engine market, but in my business (heavy Equipment Sales) the new EPA regulations are adding $18,000 to a new 300 size excavator (depending on brand). There is a reason that the used equipment is quickly climbing in price.
  9. MBILL

    MBILL Senior Member

    It's the EPA regulations that are the killer. I'm repowering with a 550HP "reman" QSC8.3. The engine alone is about $35,000. If I had to go with a "new" EPA compliant QSC8.3 the cost would be $47,000.
    The gubmint ain't our friend...
  10. petrel

    petrel Captain

    "For pleasure use and not many hours a year, the ZF280 in like a 2:1 reduction would probably work fine for the 425hp 5.9."

    I run ZF 280's on 671 TI's, roughly 400 hp, but lower RPM's than the B series and the reduction is 2.5 to 1. That's about 800 or 900 hours a year in that boat. I've just had them for a few years (replaced the Capital gears), but seems to be OK turning 28/34's.
  11. Frank Grimes

    Frank Grimes Captain

    The number I have heard pretty consistently for a few years now is $100 per HP

    The current administration hasn't really even tried to hide the fact that they want to highly discourage (read: outlaw) recreational activities that burn fossil fuels. You know, things like boating and driving. The mandates that are set to go in place regarding ethanol and alternatively fueled vehicles over the next decade are horrifying, for those of us who like to go fast.........
  12. FlyingConnie

    FlyingConnie Senior Member

    Thanks guys, I forgot to mention I was looking for ZF 1.2:1. Go twins going into an alumium build. Got a another number of $45,100 per side. Wow alot of money.....
    Wish I could of had those new deeres!!

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