Emergency Bilge Suction

Discussion in 'Downeast Engine Room' started by CEShawn, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. CEShawn

    CEShawn Captain

    Every boat I have ever had has had an emergency bilge suction off the engine.

    This is my first boat that has a engine driven washdown pump common on downeast boats.

    1. I should put a "wye" valve in here to be able to take a suction from the bilge right, as that should be my first emergency pump to use as to not damage the engine correct?

    2. Should I still hook up a way for the main engine to suck water out. Granted I know that you risk losing the main engine with crap in the impeller. Of course a strainer of sorts is good to have.

    So what do you guys have for suctions?

    1. My first setup was a hard piped suction to the bilge with a Perko pump strainer, drop in end of the pipe one. This was done with two globe valve and the installer's idea was to be able to throttle what you wanted to pull out of the bilge, I did test it but always fearing of taking water back in this way too.

    2. The second and third boats always had it on a Groco Safety Ball valve.

    Not sure which route to go with here and since this board has been to helpful I figure I would ask.... Thanks...
  2. F/V First Team

    F/V First Team Captain

    SBV for the win!

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  3. CEShawn

    CEShawn Captain

    Roger that, its the one I am used to and forgot how much I liked the flushing feature!
  4. F/V First Team

    F/V First Team Captain

    I think I would actually argue with an owner to put one in, it's just a no-brainer.
  5. CEShawn

    CEShawn Captain

    What do you think, also throw one on the deck washdown pump as well?
  6. F/V First Team

    F/V First Team Captain

    Anything that can move massive amounts of water and/or needs to be winterized should have a system that can be used quickly and easily
  7. CEShawn

    CEShawn Captain

  8. Badlatitude

    Badlatitude Captain

    We had a T off the engines water pump along with one off the engine driven wash down pumps. I would never own an inboard that didnt. Its definatly a no brainer.

    Had to use mine too.
  9. Tuckerman

    Tuckerman Captain

    bilge pump

    I have a 22 webco outboard boat. I put a 3700 rule washdown pump and plumbed a crash valve onto the pick up. I figured I have that pump might as well have it available if the sh$@ hits the fan. If I shut off thru hull and open valve on left pump will pull from bilge and i can put my 1 1/2" washdown hose overboard. I have a light weight zip tie holding valve closed so it cant be opened by mistake.

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  10. backman

    backman Captain

    who makes that throughhull and what's the rough cost?
  11. F/V First Team

    F/V First Team Captain

    Groco makes the SBV

    MSRP is around $700

    Not what I would charge you though, that would be less. Plus shipping.
  12. backman

    backman Captain

    Just read about it on the Groco website. Am I understanding correctly that to use this you have to shut off the engine; close the throughhull valve, unscrew the safety cover, screw on a fitting , then restart the engine to dewater?

    Isn't a Y valve that doesn't require you to shut the engine a better solution in an emergency?
  13. F/V First Team

    F/V First Team Captain

    You don't HAVE to shut down the engine, makes life a little easier though. Kind of covers Groco's rear since it has that disclaimer on it - so if you for example stubbed your toe while doing the switch and you wanted to sue Groco, they'd ask if you shut your engine down "well, no, no I didn't" well then you didn't follow the instructions, we aren't at fault. You know how it goes, that's why McDonalds coffee says that it's hot on the lid.

    And what is to prevent the Y-valve from opening on its own? Even half way and that's a disaster
  14. backman

    backman Captain

    good point - its a pretty safe bet if I'm on a boat taking on water the engine is *not* getting shut down unless its on fire!
  15. F/V First Team

    F/V First Team Captain

    The port can only be opened with the handle in the closed position, not sure if there will be a vacuum or not greater than that of a person determined to yank the plug out. Might be prudent to pause the engine for a moment as well. Or get a wrench in there for leverage.
  16. Lion's Paw

    Lion's Paw Senior Member

    I had a set of the groco safety valves on one of my past boats. They do work alright and you can get a hose bib set up to make winterizing easier too.

    The plug in the side of the valve is not always the easiest thing to yank out of there even without a suction on it if it has not been removed recently. I dont think I could have done it engine pump running as I bent the pull ring on one of them a couple of times just pulling it out without a suction. But determined and under the right conditions I bet I would get that plug out somehow.

    A better way to go is their 3way valve. You put another ball valve on the side port and from that you run a line into the bildge with a strainer on it. You have to shut the sea valve to open the side port then open the valve to the bildge pick up. Works pretty well I have some photos of the set up somewhere.

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