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Discussion in 'Downeast Boat General Discussion' started by reelrampage35, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. reelrampage35

    reelrampage35 Senior Member

    Looking to get some opinions on a 29-30ft downeast in regards to sea keeping abilities and performance from those who have been on these hulls. Looking at the 29ft H and H, 30 Calvin Beal Southshore, and the 30 Ft Young Brothers hull. Looking for headsea and following sea performance as well as drift characteristics. Also looking for a 19-20 Knot cruise and what type of HP needed. Want 200 gallons minimum of fuel also. Have fished on a 31 Duffy with 440 hp Cummins and cruise is 21-22 at 16-17 GPH with flat calm conditions and 18 knots in 4-5 fters but the seem to be priced real high even used.
    Thanks Eric
  2. tunaorlater

    tunaorlater Captain

    Just buy Tommy's boat so he can order the Wesmac!
  3. Frank Grimes

    Frank Grimes Captain

    Interested in replies to this as well from owners & those with experience on these hulls. They are all skeg boats, but my guess is that the H&H will offer the best ride of the three. The Southshore is a pretty boat, that's for sure.
  4. Robert M

    Robert M Captain

    Love my 31 Duffy, if I had to replace it with a similar size boat it would be the bhm.
    What's your price range?
  5. reelrampage35

    reelrampage35 Senior Member


    Have heard alot of great things about the 29 H and H and know of a few 30 Southshores that regularly run all over including to Georges to fish Tuna but some say the arent great performers, not sure if this is from people who have actually been on them in crappy conditions or not.
  6. reelrampage35

    reelrampage35 Senior Member


    Robert I really like the 30 Southshore and if things work out financially I will be in a position in a couple of ,months to do something but really have to wait for things to get squared away at work first. I do like the 29 H and H and would consider one as a basic new build with the right power and fuel capacity and I could add stuff later. Your boat is real nice also and when I am ready I would look for something similar. Might go used even if it doesnt have the power I want and run it for a season or 2 and repower as long as it has the fuel requirements. I am fortunate to be able to fish on some real nice boats so maybe i will wait a bit.
  7. Robert M

    Robert M Captain

    I'm a fan of a built down hull. Also if you have friends with boats that will let you chip in a bit for fuel, bait , and beer , that's the way to go untill you can find and afford what you want.
    Remember the best boat is a friends boat.
    My rig will most likely be up for sale end of next season. I have a bunch obligations that include my boat and my wife's charity next season.
    That and some up and down realistate headaches, have pushed off any boat plans.
    That and I change my mind like my shorts.
    Good luck
  8. powderpro

    powderpro Captain

    If you are considering a basic new build, another one to put on your list (it would be at the top of my list) is the new 30' Calvin Beal by SW Boatworks. 12' beam, room for a large efficient prop, very proven design, fast and efficient.
  9. Palawanbound

    Palawanbound Member

    I have a friend that sold his 30' South shore to buy a Wayne Beal 34',he has been trying to sell it so he can buy another 30' SS.I couldn't believe it when he told me but he claimed the 30' was better hauling his outside gear in rough weather,the guy is a good fisherman & puts in some hard days,it was one of the reasons I went with the 30'SS.I only wish I knew how mine will go with outboard power,April can't come soon enough!
  10. guitarman

    guitarman Senior Member

    I knew how mine will go with outboard power,April can't come soon enough!

    with the out board your concern may be if the small props will get enough bit to move the weight efficiently. will be interesting to see how they do.

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