Port Niantic: A 100% Thumbs Up from Precision Marine

Discussion in 'Port Niantic Marine' started by Wharf Rat, Mar 28, 2014.

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    I was extremely excited to see that Port Niantic become a sponsor for the forum. Precision Marine has been working with that crew for decades, and we recommend them time and time again to boats in their area. They respond, they diagnose the problem, and they fix it. Outfits like that are rare these days, and it's our pleasure to be friends with Scott and Tiger along with our professional relationship, even though one could say we are 'technically' competitors in the same industry. Do not hesitate to give them a shout, they do incredible work, never heard one bad word about Port Niantic regarding either their service or sales team. I cannot say enough good things about them without sounding like I was paid off to do so. Welcome aboard Port Niantic, I think you'll find an incredible educated audience here on the Downeast Boat Forum, and your knowledge will help enhance the value of this very unique and special place. All the best, and Greg gives his regards as well.

    - Chris
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