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  1. Stoneman

    Stoneman Member

    Anyone ever hear of a rebco??? From the 70's. could it be the guy is mistaken and it is a repco??
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  2. Hallelujah Newman 36

    Hallelujah Newman 36 Senior Member

    repco. I believe it is Reinforced plastics company. I believe one of if not the first fiberglass hull builders. Others on here know much more.
  3. Brooksie

    Brooksie Captain

    Yes, Rebco = Repco formally rte1 Gouldsboro ME Harold Lothrop was one of the owners. Built in wood then in FG
  4. MDI45

    MDI45 Captain

    Stoneman,What size Repco are you looking at 21,30 or 37
  5. Stoneman

    Stoneman Member

    It's a 30. Will have a look tomorrow and hopefully some pics. Any thoughts on this boat?
  6. MDI45

    MDI45 Captain

    They are a good boats....a little narrow by today's designs ....I think Ken Flowers is trying to sell one for a friend on this site...look him up ..he is a true gentlemen and will answer any questions you have

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