The Reincarnation of Merlin - 36 Northern Bay

Discussion in 'Downeast Projects and Boat Building' started by xbskt, Nov 25, 2017.

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    So not much progress to report but an update anyway. The reverse gear has arrived. The container it was in missed the boat from Italy and it took a while to locate it and then get it on a boat and now it is here. A few more bits and pieces to collect and the repower and resurrection will continue.
    I had an expensive week. All in about 3 days I bought a Stidd Helm chair in black and chrome from Jim, a Double Stidd Helm chair in grey and black for Mrs. off Craigslist (thanks Regman99) and I got a BOGO on a pair of Mini Durabrites that were listed for about a hot minute. These were also graciously delivered to Nantucket by Regman99. Big thanks to him again.
    All this stuff is low mileage good condition and is much nicer gear than I had originally planned to flesh out the Merlin with but sometimes you got to pull the trigger on a deal when it happens.
    Merlin is next up at Cape Island Boats and I am looking forward to the process. Andy has been great to work with so far and I think we can put together a nice boat.
    Due to the high level of finish on the big Wesmac schedule has been delayed but that's ok with me as we still have the Crowley but are looking forward to selling her.
    It does however look like Merlin will stay at Cape Island for a new house and roughing out of the systems.
    We'll see how far it goes in this phase. Stidd in a basket 2.jpg seat and durabrites.jpg
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    Looking Good Jeff !!!! Don't ya just love when all the goodies come in and you know you got em for a good price ? :)
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