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  1. Raider Ronnie

    Raider Ronnie Banned

    For those who have one or any builders who have cut them in,
    What's a typical width you have or go with , more specific of door and flip top rather than just a door below wash rail to slide a fish in.

  2. atlanticblue

    atlanticblue Senior Member

    Raider , I'm thinking about going the same route! 32 to 34 inch whould be plenty! And think the door and gunnel as one that kicks open all at once, so you can leader fish right threw the door! All depending what you got in the back.
  3. MDI45

    MDI45 Captain

    off the top of my head i think mine is 28''....34 or 36 is way to big
  4. atlanticblue

    atlanticblue Senior Member

    Mid, how is your door set up ?
  5. BillD

    BillD Captain


    I have a door and flip top on my Blackfin. It is open and flipped right now with shrinkwrap over it. I'll measure and picture it tomorrow for you.

    When I was @ Flowers on Saturday I spoke with Ken Sr. and Dave. There way of doing the door ( a few more hours) is one piece.

  6. Raider Ronnie

    Raider Ronnie Banned

    I'm thinking 28 also is plenty wide.
    I'm planning to cut one in along with many other modifications in my project
    "Dry Feet"
    Partly for tuna fishing/wishing but more so for easy of charters getting in & out of the boat at the dock.
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  7. Raider Ronnie

    Raider Ronnie Banned

    Any chance you took some pics of the one Flowers did ?
  8. El Mar

    El Mar Captain

    Look at Todd's 33 Flowers build thread, we made his all one piece, I think there are also some dimensions there to.

    Rumor is Ken is taking pointers from Todd now. :rolleyes:

  9. Frigate

    Frigate Senior Member


    I have one of Kenny and Dave's one piece tuna doors. Tomorrow I'm going past the marina and take some pictures and measurements.
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  10. plowin

    plowin Captain

    I cut a door into my BHM and its 32" wide as memory serves.If you catch anything in the 105-120" range the sickle fins get hung up if you make it any smaller. I also cut below my deck line and made a small ramp to make it easier getting a slob in. I would have to say that one of the biggest pains in the ass is having a stern deck thats 16-20" wide. You the have to reach under it to get a box hook into the fishes eye or mouth when pulling them in and it destroys your back. 6-8" gunnels and stern deck make it a breeze.
  11. Frigate

    Frigate Senior Member

    Flower's one piece tuna door. The door is 31 1/2" wide.

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  12. backman

    backman Captain

    Interesting - how far above the waterline (or i it in the water) is the bottom of that ramp?

    Also - no structural bracing needed under the sides of the door to reinforce the transom?
  13. Frigate

    Frigate Senior Member

    The ramp goes to the water line. By bracing do you mean under top piece of the door or on each side of the opening?
  14. atlanticblue

    atlanticblue Senior Member

    Just looks like the deck is well above the water line. That's good, I like it.maybe no need to reinforce. There are a lot of boats with out transoms.Im sure they a reinforced from the original build.
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  15. Raider Ronnie

    Raider Ronnie Banned

    Couple of questions.
    I know from going over the thread about another 33 Flowers build, are those hinges available now ?
    Got to imagine the pivot point of the hinge has to be as wide or more as the boats rub rail.

    The 2 cuts in the wash rail I would imagine the hinge side can be 90 degrees to the transom but the other side it closes on would have to be an angle cut to make the swing in to close. Same principal as a carpenter hanging a door. Opposite side of hinges needs a bevel or leading edge of door will hit jamb.
    Got an idea of that angle as to the depth of your wash rail.
    Also that angle side a plumb cut or at a bevel ?
    A bevel cut you would not be looking down swing a gap but more important if someone sat on it ther would be a stop and the door would not eventually sag and or bend the hinge.
    How steep is that ramp in degrees or angle ?
    Not sure I want to do a ramp though as the whole reason for my project is because water has been coming in, although I realize that steep ramp would contain it.
  16. bluefin650

    bluefin650 Senior Member

    Has anyone found a hinge that are similar to the one on Frigates boat? I tried doing a search online with no luck. The hinges talked about in the 33 Flowers build are not available.
  17. backman

    backman Captain

    I'm asking about bracing on either side of the door to cary whatever load is on the covering board down to the hull.
  18. El Mar

    El Mar Captain

  19. El Mar

    El Mar Captain


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  20. cb34

    cb34 Captain

    dry feet

    Ron, if you are going thru all this work to insure dry feet keep in mind all these doors do let some water in when taking a sea on the stern.

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