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Discussion in 'Tuna Talk' started by Estimator, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Estimator

    Estimator Senior Member

    new season starts tonight. it just started on nat geo
  2. Estimator

    Estimator Senior Member

    My bad, I think it is repeats. New season starts on Sunday....I think
  3. CEShawn

    CEShawn Captain

    Still glad to hear that it was on... I swear I checked the website last week and it only had episode's on Jan 3rd, then the new ones this weekend, nothing about the ones on tonight... I still need to catch up on a few... thanks...
  4. MouseTrap

    MouseTrap Captain

    The ones that have been on (tonight included) are called "Hooked Up". They are last years repeats with commentary printed on the screen (like fun facts). The new season does start Sunday night. Just set my DVR.
  5. Chum Pot

    Chum Pot Senior Member

    A little more tech talk about the boats/gear and more film on the fish fights would really improve this show, sometimes it's hard to watch when it is just a drama episode
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  6. googinhater

    googinhater Captain

    There's a new boat the pinwheel the kids a great fisherman from rye NH has a 35 donell sweet boat big deck
  7. CaptDave

    CaptDave Captain

    Wish they would put a stop watch up during the fight so these folks from Kansas don't think they all get stuck and wrapped in less than two minutes
  8. tunaorlater

    tunaorlater Captain

    Thats not how it is? You yankee's use dem dare big reels and just cranks dem fish right in. Hell we gets more of a fight noodlein catfish in da river.......
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  9. CCtuna

    CCtuna Captain

    I like seeing a younger guy on the show it gives me hope for when i get outta school. Was actually in rye today and looked for his boat a little but couldnt find it. Cant wait for the new season.
  10. googinhater

    googinhater Captain

    The boats in wancheese he's fish bft an yft bigeye there for the winter
  11. CEShawn

    CEShawn Captain

    I try to follow them all on Facebook... Last I saw Pinwheel was in VB, but not sure if they moved on as fishing was SLOW... but I dont know...

    Just to read Dave M. with Hard Merchandise was great to hear, started out working on head boats to move up after high school.

    I enjoy that my daughter, 4, does sit still for a minute, just over the past few days she started to sit and watch the show with me. She thinks that the Tuna.com looks like my boat a little bit, I could only wish...
  12. Bigeye

    Bigeye Member

    Boston today

    They doing a promo event today? Just went to get lunch and had 2 tuna cars pass them , then 10 seconds later Dave M walke d past me ?
  13. Frank Grimes

    Frank Grimes Captain

    where? And what do the tuna cars look like?
  14. El Mar

    El Mar Captain

    Like this... :D

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  15. googinhater

    googinhater Captain

    Its there any need for the tuna cars come on
  16. CEShawn

    CEShawn Captain

    Of course, it keeps everyone talking about it, win for them... lol
  17. coddock

    coddock Senior Member

    From what I hear,you wish is their command...Your wish has been granted!

    The boss and I went to the premier last night; Fun, but way,way more low key than last years. Less people, way smaller venue, food was no comparison...but open bar and still wicked fun!
  18. CEShawn

    CEShawn Captain

    Damn must have been fun...
  19. Jimbobway

    Jimbobway Member

    Maybe these guys are all stand up guys, but holy cow the way this show is produced, they all grind me the wrong. Its like the kardashians with 130's. I'll be honest, if the guys from deadliest catch walked by me id be inclined to shake their hands, Id get no thrill from running into the guys from this show.

    Then of course the new kids this season who are the most annoyin have the boat I like the most.

    Don't get me wrong, me and the wife sit on the couch every week and tune in, but we just sit here and cringe at the personalities they put out.
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  20. WoundUpMarine

    WoundUpMarine Captain

    i watched the first episode last night, dont know if they are adding more drama in or not, but it sure seems like it. They make the new kid out to be a huge douche, thats for sure. The show seems to have a different feel than it did last year.
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