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  1. Capt. Lou

    Capt. Lou Senior Member

    Looking for something for sport fishing/ chartering. cruise of 18 knots +. duffy, beal, etc.. i'd like to stay under $120k. Any Leads appreciated.
  2. captainlarry84

    captainlarry84 Captain

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  3. 32 H&H New construction available

    Cape Island Boats has 32' H&H hull and top available. All bulkheads are in. The cuddy is roughed in with a head compartment. Fuel tanks are fabricated and ready to be installed.

    Cape Island Boats also has a 37 ft Duffy molded hull and top available.

    Both hulls are available as is, finished or anywhere in between.

    Call us at 508 240-0030 or visit Capeislandboats.com
  4. BillD

    BillD Captain

    Can you post some pics of the 32 hull/top available?
  5. will post pictures as soon as possible
  6. CaptDave

    CaptDave Captain

    Cape and Island boat for $120K what a deal, especially if engine included. :D I do know Capt Larry's boat is impecable and one of the best maintained boats in the fleet.

  7. captainlarry84

    captainlarry84 Captain

    Thanks Dave.....offers are being excepted.
  8. Capt. Lou

    Capt. Lou Senior Member

    Wish i could afford that 32 h&h! you guys do incredible work!

  9. Hooper

    Hooper Captain

    You said it Lou, those guys build beautiful boats.
  10. Capt. Lou

    Capt. Lou Senior Member

    I bet a 32 finished off as a sport fish layout would run around 200-250.
  11. The last one we finished (31 Duffy) was $125 K plus engine.
  12. CaptDave

    CaptDave Captain

    I know Don with 31' Laura Jay loves his boat which I believe you finished and the new decks and fishbox last winter. Cape and Island Boats are teh best builders of the Duffy 35 by far.

  13. El Mar

    El Mar Captain

    Agreed, would love to see some build pics Cape Island!!!
  14. We just installed a new Deck in Don C's 31 ft Duffy. I believed it was finished by Duffy. We also install a set of Volvo trim tabs and lifting rails. As for pics feel free to visit our Website Capeislandboats.com you could also email us at Capeislandboats@live.com If you have any particular hull size in mind We can forward pictures that way. I am still waiting for a few pictures of the 32 and the 37 hull and will post them once we get them

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