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  1. StowIt
    StowIt Peter@MackBoring
    Hi Peter,
    I saw Andy at Cape Island last week and he told me that he is wanting to prepare the engine mounts for my Scania, however, he's a bit bit short on intel from you guys. I would appreciate it if you would reach out to him this week and provide him with the necessary information. thank you
    1. Blitzen
      Peter is no longer with Mack Boring.
      May 12, 2019
  2. Old Man Arch
  3. Aotea
    Aotea Bill
    Bill, I posted a nice comment after Crabbypatti's post on 38 Young Bros. this week. But I had to delete it, which your log will show. Someone called 'VigLink' had captured my post and put a hyperlink on the words, 'great cruiser'. It went to an after-cooler, or something similar, I think on Amazon, or somewhere. I looked but basically wanted to stay away. Just so you know. All the best, Ian.
  4. StowIt
    StowIt Wharf Rat
    I'd like to put a display in the cockpit. I'll probably go with a Simrad suite of products but I just found a supplier that has a 19" furuno MU190 HD for $5795., which seems a lot cheaper than a simrad NSO would there be a compatibility issue between the simrad suite and this furuno display. I wouldn't think so but wanted to ask.
  5. StowIt
    StowIt Hansel
    saw your post about the Flowers. Cape Island just started working on mine. what engine are you putting in that boat? I decided on the 13L Scania.
  6. hun jeong
    hun jeong AvidAngler
    Hello~~my name is taylor
    I'm interesting northstar 6100
    Still available?
    Call me
    Thank you
  7. PatriciaLynn
    PatriciaLynn steveinak
    Steve, looking for info on electric haulers if you get a minute. 207 200 1092
  8. southshore30
    southshore30 Diesel Jerry
    Hey Jerry, I’m reaching out to you to see if you could tell me or find out some torque specs on my Yanmar 6LYA-STP. I just pulled my exhaust manifold to replace the exhaust gaskets. I’ve got 4500 hrs on it now and need to also check the valve lash. While I’m in there I thought good idea to check the torque on the head bolts as well. I can’t find the specs on the head bolts or the exhaust manifold.
  9. StowIt
    StowIt Silverfish
    saw your post about the Shimano 50's, are they still available?
    1. Silverfish
      Yes they are still available
      Apr 19, 2019
  10. StowIt
    StowIt Silverfish
    I have been thinking of replacing the pilothouse and deck on my Dyer so I'm interested in how your job at Atlantic Marine goes.
    1. Silverfish
      I am extremely happy with the work they did, I would use them again with no question. I have no problem showing you my boat so you can see the work they do
      Apr 19, 2019
  11. StowIt
    StowIt Silverfish
    I'm currently running around GSB on a Dyer 29 -ACTION out of BayShore. now building a Flowers 38, which I hope will be launched by this time next year.
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    2. Silverfish
      The flowers are beautiful boats congratulations
      Apr 19, 2019
  12. StowIt
    StowIt Silverfish
    saw your post about the purchase of the NB 28. I'm pretty sure that was the boat my friend had built by Neuman in Maine. good luck with the boat.
    1. Silverfish
      Thank you, I heard from someone else that a guy in the Bayshore area did have my boat built.
      Apr 19, 2019
  13. skyeboat
    skyeboat leaky
    Hi, I am likely going to re-power my old Coastal 27 with new gas engine this spring....looking at Michigan Motrz and Performance Pro Tech for an (almost) complete drop-in motor...any thoughts ?

    What did you do to purchase the engine for your new build ? Thanks for any insight you can share.
    1. leaky
      Mine is getting a Mercury 380 HP 8.2 liter, brand new engine. For a repower id be looking at a multi port injected engine, however something a generation back that doesn't have cat's like the latest and greatest. What HP do you want? Mercury remannd engines are one good cost effective option too.
      Apr 13, 2019
    2. skyeboat
      Hi there, I am not much of an engine guy. I have a 5.0 230 HP (?!!) now and want to upgrade to a 5.7L with these same mounts , shaft dia, etc. Where did you buy your engine from ? Do you know the two places I mentioned ?
      Apr 13, 2019
    3. leaky
      I'm going to send you a PM because I can only put so man characters into this profile messaging thing.
      Apr 15, 2019
  14. Mike vinci
    Mike vinci following c
    There is a 1977 44 for sale right now for reference worth looking at for comparison. These boats are far and few between and my next big investment is windows. If it's not to much to ask I'd love to check yours out when the windows are done if it's not to much to ask.
    1. following c
      following c
      Absolutely, I should be putting them in tomorrow and I will send some pictures over to you. I haven’t put any pictures of my project up this winter lately there’s a few too many opinions on here LOL
      Apr 12, 2019
  15. Mike vinci
    Mike vinci following c
    I am curious at what you were able to insure your 44' Stanley for. I just re powered my 44' Stanley with a new QSM11 and was surveyed for $85,000. It's difficult to find comps.
    1. following c
      following c
      I’m covered for $75000 but I want to go higher. I I am in the process of putting in new Bomon Windows and completely dead the house over, at a cost of about 18,000 so now I feel I’m a little under insured. Are used ocean marine out of Rhode Island they’re great
      Apr 10, 2019
  16. jsalty
    1999 Zimmerman 36 Atlantic hull
  17. Marc Pinn
    Marc Pinn
    Fortier 26 for Sale
  18. jsalty
    I just signed the P & S on this the other day, survey is on tuesday, Cummins 8.3 at 450hp same block detuned would only push 300hp
  19. reelup
    reelup BillD
    Hi Bill, I have a 25 t Jason I need to find a hid number the one on the transom is gone the boat is a 1988 do you know were the hidden one might be
  20. junkman
    junkman F/V First Team
    Hi Travis, I recently acquired BHH36019C090 And was wondering if you know if the coring goes to the bottom of the wet keel.We found an 8 inch crack about 2 inches up from the bottom just forward of the cutlass and I'm trying to get an idea of what to expect when we go to repair it.Thanks,