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  1. BigJim
    BigJim capnrob
    Crazy but I own your sister-ship. I thought mine was a one off custom built by the Lighthouse Boat works in Florida using the Webbers Cove 34 hull. Mine is a 72 model with the Volvo-Penta MD-70 turbo engine. It even has the same fake smoke stack which I find endearing.
  2. reynolds.mitchell
    reynolds.mitchell willbfishin
    what brand of paint and color is the 26 spec that your building? Thanks.
  3. montaukdiver
    montaukdiver fvbuckeye
    Hi, are you looking for a 28 bhm? I saw your message to Rob Vallone back in January. thought you may have been referring to my boat. If so, call me. Chris Miller 631 374 1357
  4. montaukdiver
    montaukdiver Beachbumrmv
    hi Rob She is still available. My number is 631 374 1357
  5. Diesel Jerry
    Diesel Jerry xbskt
    Hey, haven’t heard from you in a while. Everything alright. Always look forward for your posts.
  6. Bkm
  7. Twin Fins
    Twin Fins CEShawn
    Whats going on. Been thinking about getting out of the charter fishing and getting another Downeast styled boat. Not sure on the boat. Like the Mussel Ridge 42 and 38 Calvin Beal.Would the CB ride as good as the H&H with tabs.Really enjoy dropping for swords. Just not sure what I would like at this point.Naturally I want it all, Sometimes I think the idea is better than the reality.
  8. ChuckB
    ChuckB Tunascapes
    Hi there,
    I am looking for some advice on a Seaway 19 for sale in RI on Facebook marketplace. Has had the deck replaced, unsure about transom and this would be my first Downeast style boat. If you have a second my name is Chuck and my number is 804-363-0723, I’m located in Portsmouth, NH.
  9. montaukdiver
    montaukdiver Beachbumrmv
    hi Rob. My Number is 631 374 1357. The Sea Spearit is still available
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  10. Sal
  11. joe fernandes
    joe fernandes Sal
    I sal I’m joe new to the forum but I like the lines to the 27 coastal you have list if you still have the boat available you can call me 7817607469
  12. ripplecc28
    ripplecc28 WoundUpMarine
    hi you asked about the cummins engine for sale ...its located in North Falmouth Mass on cape Cod far as price goes I had no idea what to ask ...trying to research now ...selling for a customer . (any thoughts on fair price ?)
  13. Otter5
    Otter5 Shark49
    Fuel consumption about 12 gals. an hour. The bunks are open on the side down the gunwale for your feet, but from the door to the bow end I'm guessing 5 1/2'ish. If you want to call me-508-667-6161
  14. proskirichard
    proskirichard graveljim
    is the boat still for sale
  15. reynolds.mitchell
    reynolds.mitchell Florida Fisher
    Is the boat in your profile picture the Annapolis Classic you said you had redone? If so, what trailer is under it? I'm in need of replacing my trailer and haven't found a good fit yet.
  16. Roberto
    Proud owner of a 1986 22’ Sisu powered by a 115 four stroke Yamaha
  17. aweigh again
    aweigh again Keelboater
    hey Vin, Ted burdacki(Aweigh Again) here,I read that you got a 22webbers cove,and i am curious about it.
    There is another one for sale that got my attention. If you have a couple of minutes,would you mind calling me .I have a couple of questions about it, Thanks -Ted 203 237 1326
  18. Leeg
    New to Forum
  19. Leeg
    New to Forum
  20. LuckyBummer
    LuckyBummer YellowRB
    I found a post of yours back in 2016 where you sold a Holby Pilot 24. I found this because I am considering purchasing an identical boat like yours. I read where you had to repower the volvo Penta diesel .
    Could you tell me why? I am looking at this boat that has 320 hours on it and it will be freshwater only. I've owned diesel vehicles and loved them. But I'm not sure I trust the powerplant.