Downeast Boats (25 Ft+)

A general discussion on all of your favorite builders & designers of downeast boat 25ft and over & your experiences, opinions, and specs of each..Mussel Ridge ,H&H Marine, Holland, Sisu, Wayne Beal, Calvin Beal, Wesmac ,Lowell,Duffy, Otis Enterprises,Young Brothers, Spencer Lincoln, BHM / Seaworthy, Northern Bay, Terry Jason, Clark Island Boat Works,General Marine,Osmond Beal, JC, Flower's Boat Works, , Nauset, Repco, Webbers Cove, Downeast Boats & Composites, Morgan Bay Boats, Mainely Boats, Lights Fiberglass, Sargents Boats, Farrin's Boat Shop, we also welcome Dyer, Fortier, Tripp Angler, Mackenzie Cuttyhunk, Wasque, Brownell..etc.
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