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    1. moetuna
      Thanks for your input .
    2. moetuna
      Yup , everything went well this season. Planning on adding another control station along the starboard gunnel . Seen some very compact setups that will take up zero room on the deck space . Oh boy , here we go $$$
    3. coddock
      BTW...good season? Happy with your choice of boat/decisions?
    4. coddock
      Ah, that time a year! I must say" I ain't missin it!
      Ya, I used to warm her up so the stat opened while running her with FW. Kinda tough to get it warmed up though, so be patient!
      Shut her down...change zincs, oil and filter, main fuel and racor filter, clean strainer, test engine anti freeze and so on!
      Light her back up, warm up and run through with -60 AF till purple comes out exhaust.
      Much better and more effective to do the first warm up for oil etc. in the water. That way you can run her up once on land with FW, then do AF. Make sure strainer is full of AF and engine feed ball valve is closed.
      Don't forget fresh water sink and wash down, salt water wash down, A/C, holding tank, toilet, disco batteries,etc. I also was careful to wet vac ALL water out of the keel bilge. There also always seemed to be a little standing water kind of near the salt water wash down pump.
      I'm sure I missed something, but you get the drift. Feel free to call or PM with questions.

    5. moetuna
      Hi Scott , getting ready to winterized soon. I saw by your cheat sheets that you use antifreeze in the saltwater supply . The owners manual talks about draining this and that. I"m thinking running fresh water through it for a while to flush the salt out and then running antifreeze through it and call it a wrap. Sound like a plan ? Is that what you did and do you have anything to add to my plan ? Thanks , Tim
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