1982 Harris Cuttyhunk28 for sale with Cummins 6BT


Sep 4, 2011
Bass River, Mass
Just to clarify for the folks that think something is shady here..... I have owned this boat since 2007. Over the years I have sunk a ton of time and money into the boat as I'm sure everyone here has done and can relate to. I am not looking to make that money back, flip this boat or make a profit. I decided I should sell it because I haven't been using the boat due to family obligations and work. I am not a broker nor are boat sales my forte . I put the boat on craigslist in Houston TX, a local classified add where I live to see if there was any local interest. There are very few downeast style boats here so I put it on for what I though someone in this area might pay. I was figuring it would be less than I would expect someone in the northeast to pay where the demand for downeast boats is greater. Most folks here in the gulf want a center console or cat so they can get out to deeper water quickly. I received a ton of interest which indicated I had it priced too low. Like I said, I am not a broker and valuation of boats is not my area of expertise (this is the third boat I have owned in 25 years). I also saw a post on this forum where someone shared the craigslist add I had created (local to Houston). Some of the feedback from that thread was that it was priced too low as well. I am open to feed back if the boat is overpriced. I am not trying to screw anyone over I was just figuring it is silly to continue paying insurance and mooring fees when I don't get to use the boat. If anyone is interested please reach out. If folks have truly constructive input on pricing or the selling process that would be appreciated too. Its a great boat that I have put a ton of work into and my thoughts in selling it were that it doesn't make sense for me to keep spending maintenance, insurance and mooring fees when I am not using it and that someone might get more use out of it than me right now.
Matt, great post. I hope you know I wasn’t trying to insult you in any way, if I did I apologize. Those of us who have been here awhile have seen some crazy shit over the years. We are a skeptical and jaded bunch, but we don’t bite! Well, Diesel Jerry does when he works too much!

She’s a beautiful boat and I think you’ll have a ton of interest in the weeks ahead. GLWS!!!
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Dec 20, 2014
Just curious what the LOA of this boat is... i know it’s listed at 28’ but how’s she gonna sit in a 30’ slip?
I have the 28 Harris as well. With my swim platform and pulpit she is probably 32’
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