2004 Sabre 42 Hardtop Express

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    Looking for my first vessel
    Thanks for the welcome here guys!

    Engine room looked pretty good/spacious on the 42 I saw up here. I would love to be able to work on it myself, but I'm not very hands on mechanical to this point in my life. Would need some local help until I get up to speed. What is easier to work on by yourself? Yanmar? Cummins?

    That's good to know about the wake, ArchHibb. I'll consider that. As a sailor I can appreciate this and make sure I'm not an ass out there.

    And I appreciate the comments about the bow thruster. It's clearly a "nice to have." I've heard it can also be added after the fact on a boat, but not cheap.

    As far as a general update, no movement yet here. I continue to hear from friends that buying a boat is the "worst thing you can do financially, don't be an idiot buying a boat blah blah blah." I'm not made of money so I do sort of worry about it a little bit, but at the same time I am constantly thinking about cruising the Puget Sound and life on the water. I think I can afford it now so why not start enjoying it?

    Do any of you guys feel like your boat is a "millstone around your neck?"
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    I don’t own a boat. Last boat I had was a 12 foot skiff that I hand hauled lobster traps out of in High School. There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t wish I had a boat. Almost bought one this spring, but talked myself out of it. Which was a good thing in the end. Boats are expensive. They just are. I try to do my best to help keep the cost low by offering good advice, but that can only help so much.
    The rewards are priceless. Time on the water either by yourself or with family is time well spent. I honestly think my wife would rather get a boat than put a second bathroom on the house....I know let that sink in.
    For the price range you are looking at you could get one hell of a nice 30ish downeast boat built (30 Calvin Beal! Hint hint hint), but that may not work in your time frame.
    You already know my number and email. Don’t hesitate to reach out.
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    1998 36' Sabre Express CAT 3116TA's, 2015 ROS Scotia 16 Etec 50
    Do your homework to understand the cost- mine gets me for anywhere from 12-18 per year by the time I consider the docking/winter storage/bottom paint/upgrades to boat including electronics, plumbing items, waxing, varnishing, painting/oil changes (26 quarts per engine then transmissions and generator)/fuel costs and ice and booze. It adds up and I do a good deal of the work myself!

    I think a Sabre is probably one of the most expensive boats to buy too- as mentioned here a single screw DE is a much simpler boat but finding one with the space and accommodations is tough because they are all custom and frequently built for a more fishy customer than the average cruiser. If you like the sabres then look at the back cove boats because there is much less varnish and single engine with all the comfort.

    Last advice would be to try to find someway to get a ride with an owner and talk about all of this with them. Hard to do but worth it.

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