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Nov 28, 2012
Newport R.I.
Boat Make
26' Webber Cove lobster boat.
That boat is a mess. I went up there n looked at it last fall when he was asking $$24,000 for it. Stick built wheelhouse thats rotted, wash rails are all rotted and need to be re-done. Deck hatches are just plywood cut outs. Its a $10,000 boat IMO. The engine looked ok, but the guy couldnt even get it to run. The guy was not very good with tools, so any work that he says that he has done to it I would be weary of.I saw some of the afro-engineering that he called repairs. I also called the guy that did the survey and he told me that he basically fluffed the survey so that the guy could get a nice insurance policy on it.
He seemed like quite a nice guy though... He was very polite.... And in the end he did admit that he knew that the boat wasnt worth the money.
If you go n see it, the place down the road has the best biscuits n gravy I have ever had.

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