'94 Eastern 27' lobster style


Nov 29, 2013
Just deposited on a Duffy 35 so selling my Eastern '27.
Pricing at $18,250 with 559.8 hrs on '03 Honda 225.
hin: scg27skba494 draft 24'', beam 8'6'', disp. 4800
motor BAGJ 1100568
Electronics all from 2003:
Garmin 2006c, Furuno Depth LS-6100, Furuno Radar 1623
Salt water wash down, fresh water wash down 25 gal
'03 55 gal polyethylene fuel tank forward, 35 gal tank aft. Stainless prop sized correctly.
Welded rod holders above.

This very versatile vessel has served my family of 6 very well since 2003. Off shore or up close to the beach.
Honda has been yard maintained by Andy aka The Boat Guy Cataumet since purchase from him 2003. It's been 10 trouble free years as a result and surely many more to follow. Recommend keeping up with intensive preventive maintenance as I have.

Replaced and raised deck 3/4" last summer.Had a soft spot where I covered I/O hole on deck '03. Completely dry below except for condensation.This really improved fuel flow while filling. That's 3/4" marine ply epoxied on undersides and edges. 3 coats epoxy with dynel cloth and nonskid paint topper. Depending on conditions, I like to cruise at 18-22. I have been told 5 gallon per hour at cruise. Have never tracked it. I power down to 12-14 if it's blowing 25 plus. WOT at 30. The Carolina bow flare parts the water for a stable dry ride. It's rare that conditions keep me home. Hard top keeps the rain and spray out. Cool in summer warm in fall spring. Great shoulder season vessel. I'm in April 1 out Dec 1. Radar is a champ in fog. I always keep it on. Forward is mostly used for storage but you could yacht it up if desired and sleep 2 below and put in portable head to starboard. Boat originally came with I/0. Professionally glassed hole. Armstrong bracket also installed by Andy 2003. I'm not big on cosmetics just safety and function. Comes with dual axle trailer. Hubs just replaced, springs too. Hauls out single handed easy with dual guides. No brakes, don't need or want them. Winterized and getting ready to cover. Easy to see.






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