Alaska charters?


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Dec 25, 2011
Kodiak AK
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Sep 10, 2018
I can highly recommend Waters Edge In Elfin Cove Alaska

Kelly is the owner of the lodge and he and his wife do an amazing job.

We went with two crews and took two boats one covered one center console.

This lodge is all self guided so if your looking for adventure this is the place.

Basically you pick the boat you want to fish and they set you up with everything. The center console boats have a two man minimum the covered boats have a three man.

You fly into Juneau and they pick you up with their high speed ferry and bring you right to lodge.

Food is great and the staff is even better. The people Kelly employ's are outstanding. You need two sets of clothes. Laundry is done for you nightly so the stuff you wore today is clean when you get back tomorrow

Boats are fueled and loaded with lunch bait and you can come and go as you please

The gear is great the boats are great there is nothing not to like the bar is cool on the island too.

Best fishing experience I have had ever.

The self guided part is what we liked the best. We fished hard 5 am to 5pm others wanted lunch at the lodge so they went back in. But there was so much to do just running the boat up into the different areas was amazing. Pulling up near a glacier was something I will never forget. Seeing water temps of 36 degrees in July is another.

The fishing was unreal
salmon halibut giant yellow eye rock fish ling cod black cod short rakers

(Shortraker and black cod you have to specifically target)

Whales full breaching right around the boat killer whales everywhere

Trip of a lifetime

Fish is cut portioned packed and frozen ready for flight home. You park em in the commercial freezers in Juneau and or Seattle to keep 'em hard and your good to go when you get home

Service unsurpassed

Pm me and I can set you up with some of the specialized stuff we brought to help ourselves out hook gear chaffing gear lures lights and chum bags

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