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Apr 24, 2012
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Fellow Downeast Owners and Enthusiasts,

This new section of the forum is to provide everyone here an opportunity to request a quote on any piece of marine electronics that they might require. It is also a place to ask certain installation and integration related questions regarding NMEA 0183 interfacing, NMEA 2000 integration, and ethernet connectivity issues. I do not wish to take any traffic away from the main electronics forum, which I will still monitor and use to post threads regarding new product announcements, as well as other posts to reply to other general thread from other members.

On a personal note, I am the general manager of Precision Marine Center's Electronics Division. We perform installations ranging from a simple VHF or stereo on a 22', to major black box radar and ECDIS systems on 125' yachts. We are factory and NMEA trained, and take great pride in making sure every boat gets the same treatment when it comes to ABYC standards and the cosmetic and visual aesthetics of the installation. While I am no NASA engineer, I do my best to keep on top of how systems work, troubleshooting certain issues, and keeping on top of all the rapid changes in the electronics industry.

As far as selling equipment goes, I will be happy to help provide electronics to the forum members here at wholesale prices along with the support to help put together a complete package for system integration that isn't available from a random online discount outlet. I feel this forum is filled with like-minded individuals who happen to share the passion for being on the water, as well as the enthusiasm for the classic design and history of the Downeast boat.

Keep in mind that during the day I still have to run a company, and I will be doing most of my posting during the evening and night. However do not hesitate to visit our website in my signature to get our phone number to call and get a quote as well. Just ask for Chris and mention the forum so I will be able to provide the right pricing for the people who make this forum what is is. Feel free to call the office at any time with any questions about various systems, whether it be about a problem you have onboard or if you have questions about a unit you are interested, I am here to help.

Thank you for welcoming onboard this forum, and thank you to Bill for providing this opportunity and exclusive gateway to all of the members here to get solid advice and solid pricing on the electronic tools necessary for operating your boat as efficiently as possible. I will be posting specials for certain items here beginning tomorrow, as well as some installation photos to show how Precision works. Until then, I will continue to contribute what I can to this great forum and absorb all the great information posted by the members here who have the experience on the water that in some cases is longer than my time on this Earth. Thanks in advance for having me aboard.

Chris - AKA "Wharf Rat"
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