Another question for the pros


Jan 11, 2013
I have another question for you guys. You all seem to have tons of experience with fiberglass and boat building and/or repair and I can't think of a better place to ask this question.

A while ago the was a thread dealing with fairing blocks and such and I had made a suggestion and then asked is what I have been doing for all this time is a mistake. No one answered and I figured that since it was imbedded in another post it got lost.

For years I have steadily replaced any wood fairing or backing blocks in my boat with fiberglass copies. I have done this above and below the waterline, inside the boat and out. I have made a strut wedge, a faring block for the Depth finder, I have molded a backing block for my strut and molded it right into the hull (it used to be wood), and other items, some simply molded and laid in and others molded to the hull.

Is this a smart thing to do or is it somehow wrong? I have not had any troubles with any of these items mind you I am just curious if making the change was not the best choice and why not.

Thanks again guys.

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