Anyone know who can do this...


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Sep 21, 2011
Cape Cod, MA
Boat Make
Due to a schedule conflict, just wanting to put a teaser out there.

Looking for someone to extend my main cabin 3' aft. This is 5/8" side and overhead is 1-1/16". I do need to add about 4-6" for the 3' of the gunnel as well.

I want to then just slide the aft door panel back the 3'.

It should be a simply project, I'd imagine you can layup the panels in the warm garage and then just tab everything together.

Boat is out of the water, have to keep glass work outside to a minimum. Just want to get this ROUGH done for the late Spring. I had something lined up but that has now changed.

Anyone know anyone that could complete this project on Cape cod with late notice like this?

Probably a far reach... but have to try...
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