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Oct 23, 2011
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I 2nd the help and expertise Chris offered

Talked to Chris about a new radar & display and by far the best prices anywhere and extremely helpful and knowledgable. I highly recommend these guys.
I spoke w/Chris and exchanged several emails over the weekend. Chris was able to help me get the best package for my intended use. I do not make my living on the water, and am interested in cruising with a few fluke drifts for fun. Might even get the boat back to East Blue Hill ME. Not this season, however it is a dream and ya got to have dreams.
The price he put together was less than ANY online site I was able to check. And I tried!
Placed and paid for the order today and should arrive Friday.
Now my only problem is Will I get everything on the list completed by 5/24?
And that is only the original list. Spent more time helping friends that working on my boat. But then they have helped me in the recent past when I was physically unable to do any labor.
Electronics were not on this years list, Chris offered an opportunity I could not resist.
Thank you Chris.

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Apr 24, 2012
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Pretty sure the only reason I have you guys as clients is BECAUSE I'm a Jets/Mets suffering fan.. If I was Yankee/Giants, I don't think I'd get anything but spit on by the Sox/Pats Fanbase that dominates this forum. It's almost like you guys feel bad for me.. I'll take it.. So far it's the ONLY good thing that's come from being a fan of these terrible franchises, and helps pay for the season tickets/PSLs for the Jets games at JetLife Stadium.. although this year it looks like no home games/tailgates, but I still welcome the charity business from the DEBF Fam!! Those PSLs are f'n brutal, and you would think they'd be at least Half-Price considering it's a shared stadium with the Giants.. Wish I was old enough to have been around for the Shea Days.. Been going to the games since 1989, so I've seen really nothing but sadness with the exception of beating the Raiders a few times (1997 was tops when Ray Mickens blocked a FG and ran it back for a TD to win!! That was the first year with Parcells coming to the rescue) and 1998 with Vinny was SO close.. we were also lucky enough to get a home playoff game against the Colts where we beat Manning down 41-0, and with Rex at the helm we made it pretty close to the Super Bowl but fell short. Now, my favorite player in YEARS Jamal Adams is being forced out because of Adam Gase being a total douche, and while I only have a select few jerseys (Curtis Martin, Vinny, John Hall (greatest PK ever), and my all time favorite player Ray Mickens, I of course got an authentic Jamal Adams jersey after his Rookie Season.. Without him, we are lost... Please fire Gase!!

Any way, back to the subject of the thread, thanks again to you guys for all the support, and a special thanks to Mr. Raider Nation for giving us a chance at his business although his team is awful
Full Highlights: Jets 34, Raiders 3 | Week 12

has been since the Gannon/Gruden era.. Tim Brown is also the most overrated WR ever.. and as a returner, set the record for fair catches.. 3 games into a season. Used to make fair catches on kickoff returns even! Didn't want to get hit.. He was no Keyshawn Johnson... Not a Parcells guy.. But congrats to Gruden for winning a Super Bowl with Tony Dungy's defense.
Truth hurts. Deal with it.

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Sep 1, 2011
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Oct 31, 2011
As my NY family says "we love the Pats" based on there Super Bowl performance......
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