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Sep 13, 2011
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This Canyon Anchor gear is proven it works. This gear is good for boats up to 36 feet.
1800 3/8 anchor line in 3-600 sections shackled together
20 3/8 chain
2 3-A lifting balls with sliding rings
50 poly painter line & buoy
20 pound standard anchor

Price $500.00 (not all items shown in photo)

Instructions on deployment & lift.

After you haveyour spot for anchoring prepare to deploy your anchor. You are anchoring in deep water, so it is imperativethat youtake your time paying outlineuntil the anchor is on the bottom. With such long lengths of chain, if you deploy linetoo quickly, the chain may get in front of the anchor causing it to foul, which will require a reset. This willput you adrift in the dark. As you slowlylower your anchor, the captain should be stemming the boat to keep the anchor line as close to 90 degrees as possible until the anchor is on the bottom.
Once on the bottom it is a good idea to let the vessel slowly drift away from the anchor set without any power while continuing to pay out the requisite amountof line. This will help prevent the line from floating which could make the anchor slip. As the boat drifts away clip the anchor lifting ball just before the anchor pick up line attachment. If the anchor is in good, your bow will be into the wind or current and the poly ball will be tight to the bullet buoy stopper.
With all secure, my final step is topress my save bottom on the GPS and attach my glow stick to the tag end of the painter line, should I need to deploy quickly.

In the morning, before you start your anchor pull take a compass fix on your heading. Remember you will be pulling 1800 feet so it is important that you stay on that heading until the anchor is up. If not the anchor may foul or bend during the lift. It is always easy to tell if you went off course as the anchor ball will submerge, which may require some maneuvering to break free. Hopefully you are on your heading and the lift is good. Once the first ball is approximately 600 feet down the line it is a good idea to launch your second lifting ball. The balls should not touch until the anchor is all the way up and hanging in the anchor ring. If the balls touch before the lift is completed, then you most likely will have a snag, which will require you to retrieve the line until you are straight up and down over the hook to break it free.


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