Cellular Bilge/ theft Boat Alarm


Aug 30, 2011
Hull, Ma
Boat Make
27 Terry Jason
I was wondering if such a thing existed so I googled it.. here is what I came up with.. seems like it would be worth the investment to some


" EASY to use wireless cellular boat alarm that you can install or have someone install it for you. We pre-program the main panel and wireless sensors (at no extra cost) so your alarm system is ready to use when you receive it. Easy to use keyfob to arm/disarm or you can call the alarm to arm/disarm from any phone, anywhere. System calls you or anyone you want it to by making a cellular call if a condition for an alarm occurs! Alarm will call up to four phone numbers you provide and you can change the numbers anytime on the panel. Built-in battery backup in case of power failure. DON'T PAY HEFTY MONITORING FEES TO ALARM COMPANIES! MONITOR YOUR BOAT YOURSELF! All you need is a cellular GSM sim chip (available from Boatalarms.us, ATT, T-mobile, for about $110 per year). This makes your alarm system act like a regular cell phone to make and receive calls. System can handle up to 28 wireless sensors of any combination. With this system you get everything listed including the main panel with GSM module, wireless keyfob, wireless motion detector, wireless door/hatch detector, (2) proximity tags (tags arm/disarm system just by passing over left front of alarm panel), (2) boat protection warning decals, 120 volt AC power adapter, mounting kit. Sim chip not included in kit. Add sensors as you want or need. Sensors mount with special tape. No holes to drill in boat when using special tape. Sensors available to monitor high water in bilge, motion detection, freeze temperature in bilge or cabin, carbon monoxide, smoke, burglary, ac power on/off. Use new security mat sensor under carpet to detect intruders topside. All sensors are monitored by system for low battery condition, tamper, or non function. Zero false alarms! Batteries last 3 to 5 years in wireless sensors. Easy to mount anywhere and setup. Just mount panel and connect to power with ac or 12 volt boat battery. Just peel off tape backing on sensors and stick to surface. Special tape won't harm surface. System will dial up to four numbers multiple times until someone acknowledges the call. LISTEN IN AND TWO-WAY TO TALK TO THIEVES! Reports to you in human voice. Call system remotely from any phone to arm/disarm or check status anytime you want! System protects by loud alarm built in main panel with immediate cellular dial out! Topside additional outdoor wireless loud siren available. Protects even while you use or sleep on your boat. Can run off 120 volt AC or 12 volt DC from boat battery. Make you boat safe for everyone. Alarm panel size is 8.5" tall, 11.25" wide, 1.75" thick. One year warranty. NOTE ****** MAKE SURE ATT OR T-MOBILE CELLULAR WIRELESS IS WORKING WHERE YOUR BOAT IS LOCATED BEFORE ORDERING! *"


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