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Jan 6, 2012
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Looking to purchase a chip for my new (to me) Furuno 1834C. I fish from the Cape and Islands north to Boston Harbor and out to Stellwagen Bank. Owners manual indicates the units can use either C Map NT+ or Navionics Gold. Not sure if you would recommend one over the other.



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Apr 24, 2012
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Hey Anthony,

Before you make any rash decisions, what you have is a unit that was programmed for either Navionics {Not Exactly Supported Anymore] or for the C-Map MAX or NT+. If you look at the door of the chart reader slot on the lower right hand corner, it will say Navionics or C-Map. ID that, and let me know. The problem is that Furuno made both options available, but as the Navionics Gold coverage increased in size, it caused a few issues, primarily slow chart redraw. Both C-Map and Navionics offer almost identical chart data, it's all derived from the NOAA Vector charts. However, if it is a Navionics, which like I mentioned is no longer officially supported, you can easily update the firmware of the system to become a C-Map reading unit. Let me know what you find. Our offices are still down without power or phones, but if you just reply to this thread or send me a PM I will get an email on my cell phone. Things are a little crazy down here, I just got power on about 20 minutes ago and after checking some porn I came immediately here. Home sweet home.

Also, that unit is most certainly in need of a software update as well, which has increased the chart redraw speed among a ton of other things. Also, once powered up, be sure to check this out to get the fastest redraw speed on the chart. Chart Optimization Settings C-Map

If you have any questions, like I said, just drop them here in the forum thread, or you can always throw me a PM with a number I can reach you at via crappy cell service. It's a mess down here. Congrats on the unit, it's a beast, bulletproof, and the most popular Furuno system ever sold. Wait until you see the radar in action.

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