Cockpit Ventilation


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Sep 21, 2011
Cape Cod, MA
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I was thinking about doing this to get better ventilation under my cockpit. I've seen on boats vents at the stern quarter both on the sides and also on the stern. I have a good size door so vent's on the transom sides are out, was thinking about installing one of these vents center line, knowing it won't be as good as having it.

Please note, I do not want vent's inside of my cockpit, would be easy to do that. To me, having two boats with outside, below rub rail vents and ones with inside the cockpit, have not see a difference in corrosion by having the vents either way. I really like keeping the noise outside of the hull. I know what noise I will have if I put it on the inside as I can do that by opening my hatches.

So how would this look to have one one these Vetus vents on the stern, right above the name, glass in a box inside and call it done.


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