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Sep 13, 2011
Freeport NY
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KristenFormer Charter Captain
True it is not a de, but not a bad little inshore day boat. It is power well, plus original owner. There were built in the hamptpon bays by joe scponichi a very fine builder. The mold was made from a classic wooden design. The asking price is within reason. I would give this boat a look.


Jan 11, 2013
Not a DE but definitely not a bad boat

I own an Hampton Shipyards 25 Northsider. It is a very seaworthy boat that can handle a pretty big head sea and almost anything else you throw at her but for a follower. Anything that comes up from behind especially from a quarter is pretty spooky. It has a hard chine and a very interesting deep V bottom with a bell bottom at the transom. For a 25 footer it is a very well appointed boat. I have looked at Parkers, Steigers, and other similarly built boats and nothing has the amount of room in the cabin nor the dinette/counter/V-berth/Helm set up she has. It is a lot of stuff in a 25 foot footprint. Add to that a very big cockpit and you have a nice boat.

It is a well built boat that is worth the $$ from a builder with decades of interesting history.

Mine runs a 300 hp Crusader and honest cruise is 17 with a top of 26 kt. It is a half fuel efficient boat getting about 1.5 miles to the gallon. I have been over every system on the boat and renewed much. Fred Scopinich Jr has to be VERY old by now, last I spoke to him was about propping after a repower and that was about 5 years ago.

If you are looking for a nice boat in this size range this is worth a serious look.
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