Cost of a new deck on 20'


Sep 28, 2011
Duxbury MA
Toying with the idea of replacing the deck and stringers on my 20'x8' cc. Trying to price it out. Seems like the cost of materials will be around a grand. Anyone know from experience? I would use plywood, poly, and gelcoat to keep the costs down. My tank and lines are all good so only costs would be materials really, and my labor. I have some experience glassing, but only on smaller jobs so not 100% on the cost of a larger surface area.

It's not a job that needs to be done now, but I would like to redesign my bilge layout. Never agreed with how it is set up now. AND my deck is starting to delaminate. Wood is still good, but I think in the areas around the hatches some water snuck in-between.

What do you guys think? Am I way off or is this about right? Thanks

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