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Dec 2, 2011
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Okay, I'm here to help you guys out with a Christmas gift idea for your significant other.

Went to the annual Wooden Boat Show in Mystic this year and there was a jeweler there with a booth set up selling nautical stuff. When my wife & I walked by, I immediately started getting light headed and sweaty palms because I really wanted to be checking out the woodmizer demonstration at the other end of the grounds. After an unsuccessful attempt to distract her from the jewelry by pushing her towards the Yanmar rep in the next booth, she spotted this:


Okay, I thought, that's nice. It was actually a necklace pendant and she had asked the jeweler if he could make it into a bacelet, which he did within about 3 weeks. My wife got pretty excited about it and has worn it quite often since. It's sterling silver and cost around $100. Here's a link to his website if interested: Welcome to Richard Associates. He's located in Attleboro, MA and was quite helpful in having it made and offered to ship it.

Don't be out shopping Christmas Eve...


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