Dump Fishing - 7/26


Sep 3, 2011
Point Judith, RI
We started above the Nw corner (came from point judith). Put in early because we saw bait showers.on the surface. It looked like they were being pushed by falsies or bonito but we didn't get a hookup in over an hour of being in the midst of bait breaking and two toned dolphin pods. Very frustrating.

Found the same thing as everyone else in the dump. Cold. No tuna but still saw bait and dolphin. Heard from gadget that he was heading to the east, and was going to join him but it just kept getting colder so we changed and went sw.

What was 75 degree two weeks ago was barely 66 this week. The warmest water i found in the dump was 67.

Heard from Larry/skipjack that he had some Albies down south of the lanes so put back in at sw corner and kept going ssw.

Ended up going 1/3 or 4 (the 1 was a 30 pound Albie) on the rods and 0/2 on the Greenstick. That's 4 knockdowns and zero hookups on the stick. I suspect its my squid lures. I have to rerig them and get rid of a large egg sinker I'm using. Bite marks on the lures show they are grabbing on tot he sinker, which means they don't get hooked.

Anyway, like Larry our hits came in 68-69 degree water at about 250 feet. We were well to the weast of the 500 on a line from the sw corner to the flats above the tails.

We were going to troll all the way onto the flats of the tails but the [email protected]#$%^& Navy had a 10 mile exclusion zone around one of their games almost directly in line with my course to block.

I didn't have daylight left to go around them, and it almost looked like the head of the canyon was inside their zone. I tried to get permission to pass but all I got was a nice apology. As it was I backed into the slip at 1:30 am. Long day trip.

What moron schedules a navy war game on a Saturday at a popular fishing spot? The exclusion zome was 10 miles arounf n40 14 w71 13. 10 miles is a BIG zone.

Idiots. Harumph.

As usual, I hve no pictures. But Joe said something about a gopro so maybe he has something.

But a huge thanks to gizmo and skipjack for the intel. One fish is better than none.

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