Fly by wire?


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Sep 5, 2011
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throwing out this topic to see what recomendations I can get.
Not doing this project till next fall/winter, but now seems a good time to get some input/feedback. here is what I'd like to know

1. Mfg name
2. Is system multiple station compatable (I have 3)
3. Does it have fail safe "get home" system?
4. Is each station "off" when helm not being used? Don't want kid (big one's too) shifting engine while I'm in wheelhouse and they decide to check out cockpit control. (Ouch)
5. How long system been around by a particular manufacturer? (lookin for a little history, good and bad)
6. What transmission is compatable with who's system?
7. Does Mfgr Back up their product?

8. recomendatation on system installer? (I'm on north shore of Boston)

Thanks to all
(Yes I've seen Northern Bay's thread on his ZF.don't want to hijack that thread as my questions more general in nature);)

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Dec 20, 2011
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I'm interested in some feedback on this topic as well, and I'm going to go check out Northern Bay's thread too. I have wondered about this, since I always seem to see the same control heads with the same engine manufacturers, so I wonder how that all works. Is it possible to use a standard, two lever control head with a fly/drive-by-wire system?


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Sep 2, 2011
Stuart, Fl via Long Island, NY
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I've just installed the Glendinning fly-by-wire controls. I'm still getting used to it but I'll answer your questions as best I can.

1 - MFG - Glendinning. I'd say that their controls are the top of the line.
2 - Multiple station? Yes. I have 2 stations. I'm not sure of the limit but I'd guess it's menyioned on their website.
3 - Fail safe. The control on my transmission has a fail safe valve that I can use to engage the transmission. In a complete failure I do not have any way to advance the throttle though. If you felt that this was an issue I'm fairly sure that it's possible to install a cable backup.
4 - One station is the master that has control when the engine is started. Any other control can "take" control by hitting the "take" button twice. The lever position of the taking station must be in a compatible setting with the taken station. Moving the controls if you're not the active station does nothing.
5 - Mfg info. better to check their websites.
6 - I'm using a ZF 285
7 - My experience is that Glendinning backs up their product.
8 - Mako Marina in Freeport N.Y. did a great job on my installation as part of a repower. Probably a little to far for you to go. I'm sure that there's plenty of installers up your way.

My overall experience so far is very positive. I particularly like the "slow throttle" mode. It gives 1/2 the throttle response for a given amount of lever throw, great for docking and tight maneuvering.
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