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Sep 1, 2011
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Steve, news/pics must travel VERY slow to Alaska !! LOL

That Seguin pic was "photo

Whole thing came out about 4 weeks ago !!

Snow gone up there? When does the boat hit the water ???

I got it from a buddy about a month ago but just found it again so i posted it last night for laughs. Yeah most of the snow is gone, should hit 55 today and nice and sunny. I'm done with my outdoors shows for the year so now i have some time to get on the boat, should get it in in the next couple of weeks still have customers coming to the shop for pots and gear so its always a broken day, just start something and the phone rings and they are on the way over to pick up stuff, guess its better than nobody calling and me sitting on a pile of gear hoping to sell it to someone. One of the areas i fish out in PWS had 555 inches of snow this winter so i'm guessing the water will be staying real cold around that part of the sound. The shrimping has been real slow for the commercial guys, 19 boats fishing and they only caught 3000lbs of bugs for the first 2 weeks of the season. The quota is 51K lbs this year so i've got time to get my share of it.

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