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Aug 30, 2011
Hull, Ma
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27 Terry Jason
Section rules 2.0

Note this is not directed at any one person or boat

Please remember this section is for members to post downeasts found on Craigslist etc. It's basically a lead, we all like to see what is out there and there are a lot of guys on here who have a passion for these boats and deserve a good deal as opposed to some keel kicker on Craigslist .

The section is not intended to talk about the boat being overpriced , over posted, a piece of shit etc. If you see a boat posted on here and you have any of those questions simply private message (pm) another knowledgable member and talk it over, this can be done at your discretion and is encouraged before you make a big purchase .

Remember these boats are someone else's asset. They have a lot of money tied up in them so please respect this and ask questions/ comment keeping in the back of your mind "would I get pissed if someone said this about my boat". Because in time your boat may be for sale on here and payback could be a bitch if you pissed on someone's boat in the past.

Please RESPECT the rules of the site

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