From the book I just finished


Rear Admiral
Mar 7, 2012
Annapolis, MD
Boat Make
Herreshoff Coquina, 1972 Jarvis Newman 36, PT11
A short passage from a book that I just finished, I thought that anyone who has been at sea for some time might enjoy it...

I love the whale’s path, the long waves, the wind flecking the world with blown spray, the dip of a ship’s prow into a swelling sea and the explosion of white and the spatter of saltwater on sail and timbers, and the green heart of a great ship, raring up, threatening, the broken crest curling, and then the stern lifts to the surge and the hull lunges forward and the sea seethes along the strakes as the waves roar past. I love the birds skimming the grey water, the wind as friend and as enemy, the oars lifting and falling. I love the sea.
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